ZEITGEIST Adventures in ZEITGEIST is Here!

Those who pledged for the Adventures in ZEITGEIST add-on in the Level Up: Advanced 5E Kickstarter should now have a download code from Backerkit allowing them to download the PDF at DTRPG. This 285-page book details the ZEITGEIST setting and includes 6 new heritages (deva, gnoll, goblin, kobold, lizardfolk, and minotaur), 16 archetypes (subclasses), a bunch of new backgrounds, 6 new cultures, a dozen feats, over 30 new magic items, and tons more.


This 285-page guide to the Adventures in ZEITGEIST setting offers a world of steam, sorcery, and intrigue, bringing fantasy gaming to a new era of innovative magic and technology. Whether a conspirator, a constable, a revolutionary, or a vagabond, your adventures will steer the course of a new age.

Adventures in ZEITGEIST offers character options for players to explore this new setting of industrial fantasy, plus advice and adventure hooks for game masters to help them bring to life the world's great nations, their clashing ideologies, and the mysteries and plots that imperil them.

Inside, you'll discover:
  • A detailed overview of Llanjr, its nations, geography, and history.
  • New deva, gnoll, goblin, kobold, lizardfolk, and minotaur heritages.
  • Sixteen new subclasses like the Gadgeteer fighter, the Urbanist warlock, and the Executore herald, as well as the new quick-witted Savant class.
  • New Archaeologist, Faction Agent, Investigator, and Riven Mind backgrounds.
  • Six cultures to help ground your character in the world of ZEITGEIST, including the Bloodmarked gnolls, De Guerra orcs, and the philosophical Dialecicians.
  • A dozen feats to show your devotion to the grand social movements shaping the world, like tinkering Technologists, the secret society of Vekeshi Mystics, and the Skyseers who glimpse prophecies in the movements of the planes in the night sky.
  • Over thirty new magic items, such as the absurdist web, blood of the hollow widow, countermagical handcuffs, and the hat of hats.
  • Tools for proper modern heroes, like an astounding array of firearms, the finest monster-repelling apotropaics science can devise, and arcanotechnological innovations such as lantern blasters, asomatous canvas projectors, and planarite-fueled dirigibles.
  • Monsters ranging from the dreamborn srasama-fey of Elfaivar and the emotivore malice beasts to the pride of Pemberton Industries: B.E.A.R. - the battle enhanced animalistic replicant.
Adventures in ZEITGEIST is a hardcover campaign setting for Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition.

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You can pre-order Adventures in ZEITGEIST over on our website. The PDF is availabe immediately.

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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

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Any reason for giving the Adept archetype Focus Point costs instead of Exertion? Seems like it might be a holdover from an earlier draft but I haven't read the whole thing yet so I'm not sure if they're something different.
It's a bit of friction from trying to make the book work for both A5E and O5E. The Durala Carao adept uses Exertion.

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