Star Wars Ahsoka - SPOILERS


Apparently Ahsoka didn't rate that well. Mando 3, Andor similar boat.

I would probably give it an 8/10. Best episodes a 9/10 worst ones about a 7/10.

Thrawn could have been done better and to many characters not enough time.

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Interesting video about the Imperial Remnants.

Big flaw was the Imperial fleet having 25000 Star destroyers. That's a legends number.

He does point out in New canon some warlords have ten Star Destroyers hiding in a nebula. First Order has them.

Exogol those Xyston class ones were being built while Vader was alive.

Ultimately they'll give him whatever they want. His flotilla in Legends was 4-5 Star Destroyers and smaller ships more comparable to Vaders death Squadron in ESB vs fleet at Endor or Jakku.

Biggest over used trope in Star Wars is hidden Imperial fleets, left over super weapons, and a dark jedi/inquisitor/Sith post Palpatine.

Anyone who thinks Ray did not do a great job as Baylan has no taste and is disqualified as a Star Wars fan.
He’s a great actor and has a good brooding presence in the role but he was way more captivating as a pirate. His character has mystery and intrigue but what was the scene that was like wow that was tremendous. I know his pirate ending scene will be something I will remember forever

A good chunk of the series is is a lot like the hatch in lost. It’s what’s the plan/what’s in the boxes/what happened while we were away from rebels/ and what’s next
Like I said in the ending the of bad batch I was left stunned. Same with many who hadn’t read the books in got.
Now if I was a cartoon viewer I wouldn’t know what the statues meant as they had done a bleep job telling probably 3/4 years f fans Wth is going on
Now enterprise tied a 56-57 year old tv episode into a series so someone who didn’t watch that has an idea what is going on and what will possibly happen (timey wimey)



Very fair review and points.

He gave it a 6.5 if you're not a fan or a 7.5-8 if you are.

Negatives were inconsistencies quality wise and the writing.
I gave tge show an 8/10 the downsides weren't that bad for me (cf AotC or RoS for bad).

Not perfect and Thrawn portrayal needed a tweak. For genius he did done silly stuff that's on the writers. Eg why not load the cargo once they knew Morgan was incoming or raise the ship 100 meters once loaded or just leave?

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