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I would love to play a beguiler, if you're still looking for players. I'll submit more of the character a bit later.

EDIT: Sorry, I meant favored soul.
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Sure. Just have some stuff to deal with incoporeal undead, or at least something to do when they show up. Not as common as in 'The Theocracy', my other game, but yeah.

I will take up to 15 players (full crew of an airship)


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Hey WarlockLord, no hard feelings. I realized what happened a bit after I posted, but I didn't check back in right away. No worries though. :)

As for the game, what positions have already been taken?


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If you mean crew positions, we have a mechanic, a captain, helmsman, navigator, and possibly a sergeant of marines (boarding party leader).

For classes, we have
Voda Vosa: Vasintze the Warlock
Mellub:Kep/Jarron the bard
Drerek: Tetenet the necromancer
Blackrat: Gipp Firebread the assassin
EvolutionKB: Paladin of tyranny/hexblade, heir of Lyranadar,
Reclaw: Errol the Warblade
Bloodweaver: Mr. Friendly
Jonathan Swift: artificer ship mechanic
Zoycitenega as a favored soul

These guys are all in. As I said earlier, this will be a very large party. You do have to crew an airship, and mindless undead have no skill points. (They're good for boarding parties, though!)

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