5E Al-Qadim Moving Through the Flame


And then Amina is standing beside her...emerging from the shadow of a stack of empty crates haphazardly stacked a little ways off from the lit fires near the spot Akilah and Nimar met, and crossing the distance in a few steps. It's a dubious hiding place...not because the shadow is too thin or small, but because it's isolated. There was no way to get to it without being seen. Yet she had.

"Shall we return to the others?" she asks subserviently.


"As you say, honored one."

"I am curious...is it your intent to simply lead them to the tomb and leave the rest to them? The dangers and rewards? Or is it your intent for us to go inside as well?"


"Unless the Brotherhood have taken up residence in the tomb I have no desire to enter." with that she takes Amina's hand and mutters something under her breath. The two are then instantly teleported into Akilah's study.
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Attuned the environment as she was, the sudden shift gave Amina a lurch. She quickly turned around, taking in the new surroundings. Only once she knew where the walls, ceilings, floors and doors were did she let her breath out.

Long-range teleportation was a bother. And, if she was honest, disconcerting. How could one ever feel safe just appearing in the middle of a spot with no idea what or who was near?

"What will you tell the Sheikh?" she asked, quickly resuming the pose of a dutiful handmaid.
Salahuddin pondered the questions asked by Kaniel. The question hit close to thoughts Salahuddin had asked himself in the past. He was mortal but has pledged allegiance to the Djinni court. The Mamluk did not fully realize the nature of Salahuddin's bond with the Great Caliph. The allegiance he has sworn to his patron is bound to his soul and he cannot throw it off just because he swore an oath to the Sheikh. Just as his oath to the Sheikh was not negated due to his prior pact. The Djinni and mortal goals align and each is strengthened by the other.

Salahuddin chooses his words carefully.

"A Sha'ir by their nature is caught between both the mortal world and the planer realms of the Genie. The pact I have forged with the Great Caliph, may he rule the winds for eternity, is bound to my soul. I have served the Great Caliph for most of my mortal life, and was marked by the Djinn since birth, or so I have been told. The oath I swore to the Sheikh is incapable of changing this." Salahuddin looks carefully at the Mamluk. "I took the oath and server the Grand Caliph. I plan to serve him faithfully and with honor. But I never renounced my oaths to the Great Caliph of the Djinn. Each oath strengthens the other. I now serve a mortal Caliph and an immortal Caliph. It is my nature to be between the mortal and immortal worlds and now these two oaths cement that position more than ever."

Salahuddin listens to Easifa report on Akilah's progress. It would seem that the woman's position as Vizier was warranted.

Good once she is safely away return to me.

The Sha'ir turns his attention back to Kaniel. He shakes his head at the question about memory loss.

"This power is beyond that of a Djinnling. Some wizards know such spells but it would be obvious if they where cast on the Vizier."


~ Najiyah flinched from Kaniel's gruff tone, staring unhappily at the toes of her slippers. The constant reminder that she was not behaving to the standards of a Vizier, and further, was not quite normal, was beginning to gnaw away at her confidence in her place in the world.

"...I've always had a knack for picking up on the arcana, and I would suppose Genies, or those marked by them, are no exception to that." She glanced towards Salahuddin briefly. "...I will confess, the sensation made me abnormally uncomfortable, but I don't feel my trust in faith in Salahuddin, and by proxy, his Djinn, is misplaced. I'm a good judge of character, Akilah and I have, at least, that in common. ...And yet...my memory has never blacked out like that before-"

Her head lifted suddenly, her hand raising to her jaw in the universal language of I just thought of something.

"No, that's not quite true. I had many long, black-out spells from when I was a child. In fact, I have almost no memory to speak of before my parents took me to this city. I was very young, and it was a long time ago, but..."

Najiyah's pace picked up as they headed towards the palace.

"I should ask the Herald, my father. He might know more about the nature of this malady."


~ Kaniel supposed these answers were a start, though he worried for Najiyah Amahhum. To have a history of ... no history? What strange events had befallen her as a child? Briefly, the Half-Orc wondered if that may have been a blessing in disguise: Would that he could forget the terrible things he saw at The Desert Mosque, perhaps he could have lived a long and simple life as Al-Badia, and not caught up in a plot of Genies and Men.

Though, it certainly did have its perks. In a rather gentle motion for the Mamluk, he moved his hand from her shoulder to brush the backs of his fingers against her cheek. To touch the face was a most solemn and intimate gesture, but Kaniel had always innately railed against such social stigmas in the name of doing what he felt. Najiyah had saved his life when he was younger: he wanted her to know that the Half-Orc would most certainly try to help her in return.

" This deserves more attention, but I agree that the streets of Tajar are not the place for it. The hour grows late as well: returning to The Palace to regroup would be best. I'd imagine Akilah and her servant would make their way there once they are done as well."

The Half-Orc gave his attention to Salahuddin, studying the man for a moment. In an odd sense, he felt a strange kinship with how he described that his oath to one group did not override his oath to another. Kaniel dipped his head to this wisdom: he understood it.

" Forgive my doubts, Sha'ir; we have many enemies, but I do not imply that you are counted amongst their number. I, too, know what it is to serve two peoples, and while I may not understand Genies as well as ..." he paused and looked back to Najiyah, " As well as both of you, I understand being between worlds, Salahuddin. It is not something I wish upon any, but as Al-Badia say, 'Truly, for some men nothing is written until They write it'. I will balance my oaths, as I am sure you will balance yours."

The hot sun had fallen behind the sands, leaving a certain chill in its wake. The High Desert had taught Kaniel to brush off such temperature changes, but even he would not turn aside a warm meal and a fire.

" Come, then, zumala’e; let us regroup and see what Akilah has learned, as well as if the Herald may know more about what has happened to Najiyah. Perhaps it even has something to do with why the Sea Mage Siblings assumed you were a member of the Brotherhood, na'am?" ~
Back at the Sheikh's Palace

By the time Najiyah, Kaniel, and Salahuddin make their way through Tajar's night markets to the Sheikh's palace, their discussion of straddling two worlds still fresh in their minds, Akilah and her "handmaiden" are descending the stairs down from the upper living and study areas. Most of the palace, except for the ever-watchful guards of House Bakr, have gone to bed.

You meet in the Long Hall that connects the gardens and the throne room; off of this hall are numerous alcoves for taking coffee or relaxing in contemplation overlooking the gardens. Nightingales coo and crickets chirp from the garden grounds, in stark contrast to the bold sounds and scents of the markets. From the throne room drifts the soft evening music of Dulcet Riqqiyah's oud playing for the Sheikh.
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~ " Masa' alkhayr, friends," Kaniel ibn-Faruq greeted Akilah and Amina with the well-wishing of the evening.

The Half-Orc beamed brightly, glad that his faith in these two had not been misplaced and they had returned unharmed. He gave Najiyah a sidelong glance, knowing that Akilah was like a sister to her and yet even Najiyah had trusted in the other Vizier's competency. Clearly there was a strong bond of trust between the two, one that would serve them all well in the days ahead.

" I am glad to see you unharmed. I must assume that this means you have come to an arrangement?" he asked, keeping his talk vague: in the Sheikh's house, it paid to be at least a little careful.

" Najiyah and I were on the way to see her father," Kaniel added, still concerned over the Sorceress' episode from earlier. He knew her to be a fiery sort, but ... not like that.

" Perhaps for a late cup of coffee and a talk. Though the Herald may ... be a most talkative sort," the Half-Orc politely implied how loose the Halfling's lips appeared to his own senses, " So it may be best to sort out our plans for the morning and evening before we go do so." ~


Amina bobbed her head in a kind of half-nod, half-bow to Kaniel, but elected to let Akilah do the talking on the results of their meeting with the bandit brothers.

It was well though, she reflected, that they were only after a map. That meant they could keep the book itself. Amina had no doubt it would prove most useful.
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"Greetings friends." Akilah says as she moves to hug her sister. She then turns to Kaniel and nods,"The meeting went as expected. No blood was spilt this night and I've secured their assistance in dealing with the raid for a chance to excavate a treasure, the location of which is hidden inside the spellbook."

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"Or so they believe," Amina says softly. "Perhaps we should find it and remove it from the book. Why give up more than we promised?"
Salahuddin nods to the Vazier and her handmaiden. As she spoke with Kaniel on the deal she negotiated Salahuddin's attention shifts to his side. A small swirling vortex materializes next to the Sha'ir and Easifa steps through and looks to his master. Salahuddin nods to the Gen and it floats off in search of food, vanishing as it floats down the hallway towards one of the kitchens.

"Yes, now that we are in a more private location we should examine the book. See if we can unlock it's secrets. Perhaps we retire to our rooms?"

As Easifa moves off Salahuddin reaches out to him.

After you have eaten I require you to find some secrets for me.

Salahuddin turns his attention back to his companions. He smiles at Najiyah.

"We also have other planning to do and things to discuss." Salahuddin turns to his valet. "Sinjin brother please get us some refreshments and bring them to our rooms."

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When the inner palace doors opened to the returning party – consisting of Akilah and her handmaiden “Amina”, Kaniel and Najiyah, and Salahuddin and his towering genie manservant Sinjin – the sounds of soft oud playing filter through crisp evening air. Sheikh Ali’s evening court is a far simpler affair than his daytime majesty, the braziers flickering low as his most trusted guards keep watch as the Sheikh is entertained. At his right hand is the brooding half-orc Husam, a legend in his own right on the streets of Tajar.

Dulcet Riqqiyah, a bedazzling rawuna (bard) plucks the strings of her elegant oud, filling the smoky throne room with a tale of regret, loss, and triumphant return. All woven upon the strings of her oud with only the occasional chanting accompaniment.

[SECTION] Sheikh Ali gestures to the bearded mystic Lal Qalandar who is seated on the cushions at the foot of the dais upon which his throne rests. “There are times when I yearn for the tribal fires of my youth, surely as you must? But I am wedded to Tajar, this City of Trade, by bonds of blood, even as those same bonds call me back to the desert. You seem to understand this, oh friend of noble Husam, for are you not a man with each foot in two worlds?”

Upon noting the entrance of the party, Sheikh Ali gestures for them to make themselves comfortable. Turban-wearing youths, skin brown from exposure to the desert, usher forth bearing honeyed dates and milk tea. ”You’ve returned from the markets. Come in, there is much to discuss, I am certain.”

In his hands rest a scroll bearing the seal of the mamluks of the Valiant, and his eyes follow the half-orc Kaniel and the sorceress Najiyah closely. His mind is made up, and he must deliver the news to them forthwith, but first there are introductions to be made. ”I believe you did not have the pleasure of meeting several members of my court earlier,” says the Sheikh. Gesturing to his right at a stoic half-orc, “Husam ibn Khalid, most trusted of my palace guard, and a hero of Tajar.” He pauses a moment before continuing the flowing gesture of his hand to the raven-haired woman performing, “Dulcet Riqqiyah, my rawuna (bard), and as well-traveled a soul as I’ve yet to meet. With the exception perhaps…” Dulcet Riqqiyah politely inclines her head toward you, perspicacious eyes studying your party.

“…with the exception perhaps of this traveler and companion-in-arms to Husam, Lal Qalandar of…where was it you hail from again?” The Sheikh inquires with raised brows, but his meaningful glance towards his daughter Akilah is clearly meant to gauge her read on the stranger. After all, the matters at hand are extremely sensitive, and Sheikh Ali must be able to trust everyone who sits in his confidence tonight.[/SECTION]


Dusty Dragon
Lal looks attentively at the Sheik while enjoying the milk and dates, and upon hearing the first question, promptly swallows the date (pit included) and answered:

"The Universe is vast and we must all walk our paths. Fate has decreed that I must wander and that you must rule. I have seen many rulers in my travel, and few are as deserving as you, oh most wise Sheikh - those who hunger for power are least suited to wield it"

He smiled beatifically to the Sheikh, his eyes watering slightly as he suppressed the cough of the ill-swallowed date. He looked at the newcomers with gratitude, as the shuffling around allowed him to recover. He nodded and smiled at each introduction.

"Oh, I am but a humble wanderer oh great Potentate. Many years I have traveled these lands, but originally I hail from the Purple Lands, which we call Yoon-Suin, far away over the sea. It is a land of mighty rivers and mountains that reach to the stars, of savage jungles and decadent cities, of fiery spices and the smoothest of silks. The walk from there to here took several months."

He again smiled broadly, closely paying attention to see who would react first - a good way to see who was the quickest witted.
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