D&D 5E All character races are Medium-sized...why?

Casimir Liber

Pondering this that centaurs and minotaurs are both size M when used as player races, yet when encountered as NPCs are L. Does anyone know of any specific rationale into shoehorning all races into size M rather than just leting them be size L and rolling with it so to speak?

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I don't think the aura thing is enough of a reason not to include large PCs, but it is the reason we're given. Additionally, once they get weapons sized for them, they'd be dealing twice the base weapon damage as a medium PC (assuming the damage increase for weapons for larger creatures holds for large PCs). This wouldn't be an issue for centaur as they seem to have a human torso which is comparable in size to medium humanoids, at least according to the MM.


Well 5e removes most of the benefit of any natural reach, and grappling doesn't change (its just athletics, you don't get any innate grapple bonus). I don't consider the aura one so strong that you can't balance around it.

I think the only one that is a genuine concern is the larger weapons. If your willing to just say that they don't do more damage with bigger weapons, its probably fine.

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