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Issue 153, January 1990.

Ah think I caught the tale end or mates issues.

Mates brother had some issues from late 80's and early 90's so read them and bought old issues still on the shelf at gamestores 95-96 but supply was spotty.

Didn't have reliable supply until 2001.

Mark Hope

The Elven Point of View and related series of articles were very enjoyable. Gave us some good ideas for roleplaying as non-humans. The one on orcs and half-orcs totally rewrote the way we used them in our games. Excellent stuff.


Does anyone remember the short stories of Fool Wolf? They had a cool sword and sorcery vibe to them. I was trying to google them all and found the collected stories on kindle and instantly bought it.

I love those stories. I bought the paperback copy years ago. Greg Keyes also wrote a duology set in the same world, The Waterborn and The Blackgod. I wish he would revisit that setting.

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