Amazon's LotR show - first look


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It's just a single image, but it looks pretty gorgeous! Show launches 2nd September 2022, with weekly episodes. Filming was done in New Zealand (like the movies) and it's set in the Second Age, years before LotR and The Hobbit.


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Second Age seems to be the ideal time to set something like that; all of the lore with very few restrictions, beyond allowing the Third Age to happen as scripted. Amazon has the money to do it right (is. Not like "The Shannara Chronicles"), with all of the pageantry that it deserves. They'll likely be banking on it being a massive (early GoT level) success.

That does look lovely. And the aesthetic fits with the LOTR movies.

In late 2021 - 2022, assuming all goes as planned, we'll have The Witcher season 2, House of the Dragon, The Wheel of Time, the Book of Boba Fett, probably the Mandalorian season 3 and Stranger Things season 4, a bunch of MCU TV shows, and this. That's a lot of expensive genre shows competing for people's attention. Not that I'm complaining...


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Looks like the Two Trees in the background, which would make the city Val(i)mar.

Might be a flashback.

The show takes place in the Second Age. Aman is not lost until late in the Age, so there can still be action set there. And if you are going to do that, you need the backstory...
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