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Something really funny happened at yesterdays session and I just had to share...

The party were in a large city and ended up at a shop called "Philo's Curiosities and Collectables". I had pre-stocked it with all kinds of strange and unique items. One of the items was a collapsable 11' pole. If anyone has seen Spinal Tap, the gnome in charge of the shop had many of the same lines...

"Most people have a 10 foot pole. What happens when you hit an 10 1/2 foot wide pit? You are stuck! This pole goes to 11."

It was meant as a light comic relief and got a few chuckles. The party ended up not buying the 11' pole and continued their adventures on a sailing vessel.

After 5 days at sea, their vessel was attacked by an airship. The airship came in at 100' and started dropping large rocks on the players ship. I just picked the altitude out of thin air, figuring they would be high enough to avoid most attacks but low enough to hit stuff.

The Bard in the group wanted to get within 60 feet so he would not have disadvantage on his attack. He climbed the 30' foot crows nest and then asked if there was ANY way he could get within 60' so he could make his attack.

After a sufficient dramatic pause, I replied "Well if you had an 11' pole..."

One of those classic D&D moments :)
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