5E And his name is Tortuga!


One of my players is running a Tiefling Luchador (homebrew Rogue subclass) and his personal adventure will be facing his brother, whom he killed in his backstory and has since become a Chain Devil, in the ring. In the interest of making things more interesting than a toe-to-toe slugfest and playing to his love of pro wrestling, I'm trying to come up with ways to base the combat not on HP damage but instead on pleasing the crowd. I could make it a skill challenge and base DCs on the player's descriptions, but I'm hoping to include some more elements to shake things up. Any ideas?
I think that if you look at professional wrestling, there are tons of things to spice things up. Pre-match interviews (conducted by Okerlund the Mean, naturally), what sort of entrance they make, ringside interference, those all spring to mind.

There's also all the crazy types of matches - cage matches, barbed wire, lumberjack.

I think incentivizing creative moves would also help - maybe entertaining the crowd gives inspiration?


Thanks for the reply Ralif! Hopefully I'll get more in a bit. For now, I figured I'd update the thread with something I just found: The World Wide Wrestling RPG!
I'm reading through it now to get some inspiration, but for anyone interested in the concept as well this could be fun for a one-shot or more!


Use standard combat but add "Wrestling Maneuvers" - you can attempt each of these once per match as a free action.

Trash talk: Make an Intimidate check, if you succeed your opponent is frightened of you until the next time they hit you.
Off the Turnbuckle: Make an acrobatics check. If you succeed your next attack deals an extra 2d6 bludgeoning damage, but if you fail you land prone and your turn ends
Playing Opossum: Make a deception check. If you succeed your next attack has advantage

To win the fight you need an especially bad-ass move. Use the "finishing move" rule: If you would reduce your opponent below 1 HP make a performance check. If you fail, they pop off the mat after a two count and stay at 1 HP. If you succeed then you have KO's them and they are down for the count!

Encourage the other players to act as audience members and yell encouragement/ taunts. Give the fighters bonuses or penalties for particularly creative ones.