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I know there's a ton of threads about a new (or old) direction for magic in DnD Next, but I couldn't find one to address this little idea.

Spells in combat should have varying degrees of casting time. Using the AEUD model, At Wills (and most Utility) are a standard action, Encounters would maybe take 2-3 rounds of sustained concentration, and Dailies would take longer. To offset this penalty, allow a spellcaster more of every category, doubling or tripling them from the normal level progression model.

This would give spellcasters a TOTALLY different feel from their martial, shadow (and primal?) counterparts, and foster cooperation as the party rallies around the mage to give him time to get off the big bad spell. Fighters mark could be huge in this situation. It would likely bring back the Concentration skill or something, but I think the combats and class distinction would benefit.

To me this is an example of an old school concept that could be retooled based on more recent trends. (3e 4e blend)


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If that rule were in place, a whistle would be an essential piece of adventuring kit. You go into the dungeon, blow the whistle, make the wizard start casting, and by the time the monsters show up, the wizard's Encounter or Daily spell is ready to hit them.


I agree to that IF and only IF they change the round concept to something Feng Shui RPG-like.

In case you never played that, it works like this: Everyone rolls Initiative, with results typically between 8 and 15. You then start counting down from the highest number. Those who have 15 act on 15, those who have 14 act on 14, and so on.

Each action has a duration. If you make an attack on 15 and it has a duration of 3, you act again on 12. This continues until zero, and if the fight is not over by then, you reroll initiative and repeat.

That kind of system would allow you to have slower and faster actions, without forcing players to sit out entire turns.


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What if at-wills cost 1 point, encounters cost 2 points, and dailies cost 3 points; a minor action generates 1 point, a move action generates 2 points, and a standard action generates 3 points. Let's assume you can carry residual power over from one round to the next.

Round 1: I remain stationary and use my move and minor actions to generate power. I get 2+1 points of power crackling in my hands. I can cast a daily for 3 points. Or I can cast an at-will or an encounter and save some power for the next round.

Round 2: I need to shift position so I generate just 1 point with my minor action and use my standard action to cast a spell. It will be an at-will unless I have some power saved from last round.

Round 3: My enemies have been vanquished and I still retain some power. Since I have no immediate use for it it dissipates.

If 2 points for an encounter and 3 points for a daily is too cheap just change the numbers to 1, 3, 5.

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