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D&D General Any DMs using Hexographer?


How do I get hex grid numbers to show in Hexographer? Where the heck are the show/hide features located?

It's been a few years since I've used the software, but I'm working up a map for our D&D game. I'm running the paid 2017 version of Hexographer (1.0) and I am struggling to get the hex grid numbering to show up – a little number should appear in bottom of each grid so, for instance, I could jot down in my DM notes: Grid 03-12, and be able to find that with a glance on the map.

I found the Configure Numbering tab, set it up how I wanted, but when I hit "apply", nothing happens. No numbers display on the map.

Reading the user manual, I see the Show/Hide Features mentioned, which sounds like a particular sidebar or something, and I'm thinking I need to check a "Show Grid Numbers" box, but I can't find a Show/Hide tab or sidebar anywhere. Attaching a screenshot for clarification. There hasn't been any activity on the Hexographer forum in over 3 months, so I'm hoping I'll get lucky among the DM community here.

Many thanks in advance, ye sages of ENWorld.


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I'm using version 1.8 - in it there is a show/hide section on the left labeled Show/Hide (beneath Opacity on the far left). "Grid Numbers" is an option and checking it makes the numbers appear. I notice that your map scrolls a long ways down on the left, possibly that option is hidden. Perhaps if you open a new/small map and click that option, when you load your current map you will be able to see the numbers.

If the Show/Hide menu doesn't show even with a small map, try looking under Options or Tools for a "Show Grid Numbers" menu item.



@Stormonu Thanks very much!

Well, I tried making it a square – in other words, making hex width and height equal (which you can see in my snapshot below), but that failed to make the Show/Hide menu on the left sidebar visible.

Maybe this is a version change between 1.0 and 1.8?

I've looked all over the Hexographer website and can't find any dang way to update my version, so I'm at a loss.