Any video course that teaches you how to role-play?

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I just applied for my first game, but it is my dream to be a GM or DM one day.
I will like to know if there are any video or book courses I can take that will allow me to achieve my aim one day/
Any course on how to be a player?
Any course on how to be a GM?
Any youtube videos you recommend I watch?
Thanks. I don't mind paying for a good video course on how to be a player or GM.
I'm stuck on "applied for my first game" - can you unpack that a bit?

My only advice to add to the above is play as much as you can for a while

The advice I would give as a player is -
  1. Be an enthusiastic participant
  2. Be kind
  3. Listen to others at the table
  4. Ask for what you need
  5. Leave if you have to - and you don't owe anyone an explanation

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Whizbang Dustyboots

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Colville's Running the Game series is fantastic. I binged it during lockdown and it was time very well spent.

I also recommend picking an actual play series you enjoy and watching that, just to see how games work, what the DM is doing (or not doing) to move things along, etc. Obviously, millions swear by Critical Role, but I'm partial to Dimension 20, myself. But there are so many good choices out there -- pick the one that works for you. I love Not Another D&D Podcast and Nerd Poker on podcast as well.

aramis erak

There is an episode of Dial the Gate where they introduce 5 cast members from the Stargate franchise to the SG1 game... 2 of whom had never gamed before. (the Davids, Blue and Hewlett, and Alexis, are avid RPGers)... It's a really good multi-hour session showcasing the D&D 5E derivative SG1 and how to play...

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