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Anything like "Old" Iron Kingdoms around ?


What I mean by this is what the initial 3 adventures hinted at as a setting. (Mostly the 1st and 3rd ones.)

The direction they ended up going with IK is cool and all, but I was entranced by the sort of "gaslight - dark" theme they had going with the descriptions of Corvis as a canal city of mists and ghosts, the monsters, the devils, the "grime" and such.

The focus on 'mechs and 'mercs was obviously a good one! But it's not the feel I want - i was hoping it would lean more on the witchcraft, pre-industrial kinda steam(magic)tech, and on the darkness of fiends and such. Something that leans towards a Grim Dawn-like setting... Actually the Grim Dawn universe seems like an excellent description (but, something pre-Grim Dawn(the event), if that makes any sense...)

I've not found much in that vein...

Also! If there's anything like the Eternal (the card game) setting around - that would be most excellent (I'm aware of the wiki, but it is rather thin...)

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