Aphonion Tales (New posts 6/13, 6/15, 6/19)

I am still hoping to come back to this storyhour, although obviously I haven't had much luck with that recently. In part, that's because another project has been sucking up a lot of my free time:
Choice of the Dragon, a multiple-choice text based game. People who like this storyhour might enjoy it. The link is to the web version; there are also iPhone and Android apps available. All are free.

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Found my way back here after drifting for a few years myself.

I have now caught up, so volunteer to be the mid-year bump in a feeble hope to resuscitate such an interesting and entertaining story.


So, the bad news is that I've concluded that there is no possible way I'm going to return to writing this storyhour as a real storyhour--I have too many obligations to be able to invest the amount of time that that would take. But the good news is that I keep notes for each of the sessions as we go, and I have roughly 90(!) sessions between the end of the Storyhour and last Wednesday, the most recent time we played, covering the last decade of real time and about a year of game time. So what I'm going to do is start posting the more or less unedited notes. Some people may not find that interesting or fun to read--it won't have the same narrative description and color as a real storyhour. But you might find it interesting, and it will give you some understanding of what's happened between then and now. I'm going to post one post right now, and then I'll start a MWF posting schedule. I'm also going to do the same for two recent other games in the same world--the DM runs two games for children, and I help with organizational stuff, take notes, and play a sort of party NPC in each game.

(Oh, also, this is Cerebral Paladin, but I've lost access to my old account, which was linked to an old email address that no longer works.)


Session 32 (January 29, 2008)

Military briefing:
Different orkish horde about to attack Caldra itself. Caldra is unwalled. This is the Horde of the Clawed Foot. They vanished at the beginning of the invasion, after defeating a regiment of militia. They appear to have hidden in the swamps. They are attacking salt mines, some swamp thorps, and at least one fortified manor. If the saltworks at Caldra were destroyed, we would lose our main capability for processing salt for 4-5 years.

Brightspan has at least two legions of barbarian cavalry; could have raised a full field army if he had more time and logistics.

Scout vollers have returned from the new islands. They lost three airmen. We set up an appointment with their captains today.

We also received a map of Zorplona-Argoni in Enclaves from an agent within the Council of Opposition.

Kit with domestic report.
More info on attacks in Caldra-- clearly attacking salt mines. Also, wyvern riders have been spotted.

House of Furrows largely disgraced-- will take generations to regain support.

currently crime low; probably from cleaning up the underworld leading up to the coronation. Dame Brionna suggests recruiting people for the army to try to keep the numbers down.

we also discuss the small number of recent murders. Many of the people on the lists have died; the others are in pain, crippled, or mentally ill. (We arrange for the temple to investigate and treat the survivors.)

People are getting very worried about the shortage of salt.

Alistair suggests using automata or golemim to clear out the salt mines. (We implement.)

The hostage prince appears to be prospectively the best khan ever. Responded very forgivingly.

We discuss Furrows. The current Duke is senile. Lady Susan is not the heir; the Duke’s grandsons would be. Benjamin is 11 and promising. His older brother (Mark) is rogueish and about 18. We worry about the reactions of the other nobles if we took action.

All of the other great nobles (the dukes) view themselves as roughly equal under the overlordship of the Archduke. The current Duke was captain of the Royal Guard from 24-34, and fought at the Battle of the Twin Passes, when Lady Amelia directed the battle against an invading force coming through the Twin Passes. He is remembered for that with great respect. The House is respected because of a history of service. Lady Susan, and the niece, Lady Viola, were never trained to be ruling lords, and since they functionally assumed control, most of the bad things have happened. Certainly a sense of understanding among his peers that he lived longer than he should have, so there is sympathy for the last 10 years. Lady Viola is earnest, youngish (about 30), can be taught, is a bard.

We discuss marrying him off to Alistair’s half-sister, Margaret, who is competent, a little dodgy, and was recognized, so received an upbringing mostly appropriate to high nobility. She’s about 20.

We ask Mark and Alistair’s sister to meet with us. We set up the meeting with Margaret for this afternoon, Mark in six days.

We also leak to Brightspan that we plan to urge Furrows to make Sir Derrick either Caldra or Caligshire.

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