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Appendix N: The Eldritch Roots Of Dungeons & Dragons from Strange Attractor Press

Just came across the announcement for this new volume. It's lavishly-illustrated collection of short stories and excerpts from classic Appendix N literature:

"Drawing upon Gary Gygax’s list of “inspirational reading” in the original 1979 Dungeon Masters Guide, Appendix N presents a selection of short fiction and resonant fragments that shaped the world’s most popular role playing game.

Appendix N explores and contextualizes these ambitious lyrical excursions that set the adventurous tone and dank, dungeon-crawling atmospheres of fantasy roleplay as we know it today.

Including tales by Poul Anderson, Frank Brunner, Ramsey Campbell, Lin Carter, Lord Dunsany, Robert E. Howard, Tanith Lee, Fritz Leiber, H. P. Lovecraft, David Madison, Michael Moorcock, C. L. Moore, Fred Saberhagen, Clark Ashton Smith, Margaret St. Clair, Jack Vance, Manly Wade Wellman."

The deluxe hardcover is already available, with a paperback coming early next year.

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