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[Arcane Row - Venza]The Mystic Pearl


Charity, Human Female
Seemingly in a hurry, Charity steps into the Pearl after her meeting with her most recent boss. Looking at a list she has prepared, she combines shopping the shelves with special requests to fill out the things she needs for the job. She smiles graciously as the Pearl employees fill her newly purchased bag full of useful gear and other things.

Finally it comes time to pay. She hands over only a fraction of the gold necessary, and slides the mithral sabre of wererat slaying from her belt and lays it down before the owner.

Moments later, a deal is struck and the lay healer of Cortesia heads out the door.

[sblock=Purchases and Rolls]Buying:
Handy Harversack (2000gp, 5#)
Darkwood Heavy Shield (257gp, 5#)
Masterwork Cold Iron Rapier (340gp, 2#)
Masterwork Alchemical Silver Morningstar (398gp, 6#)
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds (300gp)
Ioun Torch (75gp)
Campfire Bead (720gp)*
Potion of Comprehend Languages (50gp)*
Potion of Endure Elements (50gp)*
2 blankets (NT, 6#)
10 candles (NT)
Candle Lamp (5gp, 1#)
Compass (10gp, 0.5#)
Cooking Kit (3gp, 16#)
Grappling Hook (1gp, 4#)
Ink (8gp)
4 Inkpens (NT)
2 Vials (2gp)
Mess Kit (NT, 2#)
10 Sheets of Parchment (NT)
3 Pitons (NT, 1.5#)
Sack (NT, 0.5#)
Scroll Case (1gp, 0.5#)
Signal Whistle (NT)
Silk Rope, 50’ (10gp, 5#)
String, 50’ (NT, 0.5#)
Tent, Medium (15gp, 30#)
2 Torches (NT, 2#)
Waterskin, filled (1gp, 4#)
2 Cold Weather Outfits (16gp, 14#)
Snowshoes (5gp, 4#)
Sunrod (2gp, 1#)
4 Tindertwigs (4gp)
Antitoxin (50gp)
Trail Rations, 4 days (NT, 4#)

* From stock.

Masterwork Backpack (50gp)
Mithral Rapier +1 (3320gp)

Availability roll for Handy Harversack: 1D100 = [71] = 71
Availability roll for Darkwood Heavy Shield: 1D100 = [17] = 17
Availability roll for Masterwork Cold Iron Rapier: 1D100 = [16] = 16
Availability roll for Masterwork Alchemical Silver Morningstar: 1D100 = [72] = 72
Availability roll for Potion of CMW: 1D100 = [32] = 32
Availability roll for Ioun Torch: 1D100 = [5] = 5

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First Post
Aradra returns to pick up his wands and pearls that he commissioned. While at the shop, he takes a look around to see if anything else has caught his eye.

A few things did.
A book, which read "Accuracy and you: Improving your Aim with these 10 Simple steps!."
An old medic's uniform that the owner swore was in working condition,
A pair of glasses that supposedly improved his ability to read languages.
A simple green gemstone, wrapped in in a nice silver chain. When he wore it, the gem was loose enough around his thoart that it hid behind his chain shirt.
A selection of tools, that Aradra would use to improve his home. Or, in this case, his tree house.
A jar that apparently can track any target, as long as they are on the same continent.
And a box that says "Snap Leaf: One snap, and you can escape from any height, free from enemy fire!".

Manual of Quickness in Action +1 (27,500 gp) In Stock
Periapt of Wound Closure: 1D100 = [7] = 7 15,000 gp. With an emerald.
Vest of Surgery: 1D100 = [10] = 10 3,000
Goggles, Kinsight: 1D100 = [82] = 82 Damn, these looked cool :(
Spectacles of Understanding: 1D100 = [35] = 35 3,000
Dowsing Syrup: 1D100 = [3] = 3 1000 gp
Hunter's Home to a wealth living condition (100->1000) - Aradra has been spending time building his "tree house." He deals in furs and skins of animals, being able to track them with extreme ease.
Total:50,400 (Initial publish + Upgrade)

5 CLW Wands (CL 1): 750 x 5 = 3750-> Ready in 12 Days.
Snapleaf: 1D100 = [82] = 82 Commision 1: 750 gp ready in 3 days

Final: 54,150 gp

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First Post
The door opens and a fierce jungle warrior enters the shop, his powerfully muscled cheetah walking beside him. He takes a look around not really knowing what to buy. The shop keeper points to his belt telling him he has one that is even better. Maui raises a doubtful eyebrow but blonks his belt down and exchanges it for a new even more beautiful one.

Sell: Belt of Physical Might +2 for 10000 gp
Buy: Belt of Physical Perfection +4 for 32,000 gp (rolled 1d100=52 Available)

He points to his ring and a similar exchange happens.

Sell: Ring of Portection +1 for 2000 gp
Buy: Ring of Protection +2 for 8000 gp (rolled 1d100=36 Available)

WHen the same thing happens with his cloak the druid begins to look more dubious but makes the exchange anyway.

Sell: Cloak of Resistance +2 for 4000 gp
Buy Cloak of Resistance +3 for 9000 gp (rolled 1d100=27 Available)

As the shopkeeper point to his headband Maui snorts and asks if he is being tricked. At the man's reassurance he makes another exchange and more coins pass hands.

Sell: Headband of Inspired Wisdom +2 for 4000 gp
Buy: Headband of Inspired WIsdom +4 for 16000 gp (rolled 1d100=52 Available)

Looking a little unhappy, not sure if he is being swindled Mau hands over his magic stick and asks for the man to make it work again. He hands over the last of his coin to recharge his healing wand.

Recharge Wand of CLW: 750 gp = 50 charges 75 = 5 charges 15 gp = 1 charge (correct?)
So for 600 gp I can get 40 charges put back in the wand

Gold gained: 10000 + 2000 + 4000 +4000 = 20000
Gold spent: 32000 + 8000 + 9000 + 16000 +600 = 65600
Total gold actually spent: 65600 - 20000 = 45600
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Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
A local human walks in. He is well dressed and wears a rapier at his side. His name is Vincenzo del Vecchio da via della Rosa D'Avorio II.

amount to spend: 45,000 gp

list of wants:

agile mithral breast plate +2
cost: 400[agile breastplate]+4000[mithral]+4000 [enchantment]= 8400 gp

+3 ivory handled rapier, keen
cost: 320 [mwk/bas]+32,000[+3 ench/keen]=32,320

cloak of resistance +2
cost 4000

Amulet of natural armor +3
cost 18000

From Inventory of the pearl:
1 adamentine kris bladed dagger 3002
3 Masterwork silvered light maces 325 x 3 = 975

armor 5100
sword 18320
ring of protection +1 2000 gp
25420 gp

Total spent: [68,372+325] - 25,420[trade in] = 42,950 cash spent +325

commissioned items:
breastplate 9 game days; 27 real days
amulet 18 game days; 54 real life days
total: 81 real life days
burn 2 dm creds for time of 120 days of real life.

more to come . . .done.
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Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
Heinrich the red haired ire wizard shows up, he seems to be in a great hurry. He asks for some clothing for cold weather, despite the outside temperature being in the 80's today. The young wizard wanders about and heads to the scrolls and gazes through them
He thanks the man Pays him and hurries back out. {spend 18 gp]
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Menik walks into the Pearl.

Almar Ben Shawari is behind the counter. "Ah my friend! Welcome to the Mystic Pearl! How can I serve you this day? Please, look over my manifest and see which of my wonders might tickle your fancy and unburden your purse!"

The elven wizard replies "Good morning! I have a shopping list today. A long one. But let's see what you have ..."

ooc: 75% chance for each item to be available:

Staff of Minor Arcana, 8k

headband of intellect +4, 16k

cloak of resistance +3, 9k

invisibility sphere [roll3]

acid pit [roll4]
black tentacles [roll5]
charm monster [roll6]
confusion [roll7]
dimension door [roll8]
fear [roll9]
resilient sphere [roll10]

hungry pit [roll11]
summon monster V [roll12]
teleport [roll13]
wall of stone [roll14]
feeblemind [roll15]
dominate person [roll16]
icy prison [roll17]
baleful polymorph [roll18]
persistent image [roll19]


Staff of Minor Arcana, 8k

headband of intellect +4, 16k

cloak of resistance +3, 9k

invisibility sphere [roll3]


acid pit [roll0]
black tentacles [roll1]
charm monster [roll2]
confusion [roll3]
dimension door [roll4]
fear [roll5]
resilient sphere [roll6]

hungry pit [roll7]
summon monster V [roll8]
teleport [roll9]
wall of stone [roll10]
feeblemind [roll11]
dominate person [roll12]
icy prison [roll13]
baleful polymorph [roll14]
persistent image [roll15]


acid pit [roll0]
black tentacles [roll1]
charm monster [roll2]
confusion [roll3]
dimension door [roll4]
fear [roll5]
resilient sphere [roll6]


hungry pit [roll0]
summon monster V [roll1]
teleport [roll2]
wall of stone [roll3]
feeblemind [roll4]
dominate person [roll5]
icy prison [roll6]
baleful polymorph [roll7]
persistent image [roll8]


Menik commissions those few of the requested scrolls the Pearl doesn't have, buys the staff of minor arcana along with the scrolls, and trades in his cloak of resistance for the more powerful one. He reluctantly forgoes upgrading his headband of intellect.


First Post
Kepli enters the Mystic Pearl looking harried. Outside, a seagull pecks insistently on the window pane. She makes purchases hurriedly then leaves.

MW Shortspear 301 gp [roll0] (roll not needed)
Mithril Armor 1,100 gp [roll1]
Wand of Cure Light Wounds (50) 750 gp [roll2]

Kepli takes the Wand of CLW w/ 19 charges for 285 gp that is in stock.

1,686 gp spent
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Tamarie the Songweaver
The Songweaver enters the Mystic Pearl, amber eyes peering from under her cloak as she takes slow, measured steps. Living up to her limited reputation, she sings Greensleeves in subdued, morose tones as she view the merchandise. Eventually approaching the man behind the counter, she trails the song off to make her requests. A worn down wand and a considerable amount of gold are paid, and a new wand, potion and a golden ring are received. Slipping the ring on one of her fingers and the wand into her messenger bag, she leave, humming the tune as she goes.

[sblock=purchases and trade-ins]Buys Ring of Protection +1 out of stock (roll failed) for 2000gp:
Mystic Pearl looking for +1 Ring of Protection: 1D100 = [91] = 91

Requests new fully charged Wand of CLW (successful) for 750gp:
Mystic Pearl looking for Wand of CLW: 1D100 = [35] = 35

Requests two potions of CLW and gets one for 50 gp:
Availability of Potion of CLW: 1D100 = [37] = 37
Availability of Potion of 2nd CLW: 1D100 = [95] = 95

Sells Wand of CLW (13 charges remaining) for 195 gp.[/sblock]
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Arradon Delgaran

Arradon enters the Mystic Pearl, a shop he had heard many of the other adventurers in town swear by for all their adventuring needs. He peruses the dusty aisles of the shop and finds a pair of perfectly balanced daggers, complete with spring-loaded wrist sheathes. He continues to browse and comes across a collapsible hand crossbow of exceptional make. As he approaches the counter to make his purchases he snags a brace of crossbow bolts. "That should do it." He pays the proprietor and heads towards the Dunn Wright for some rest.

2x Masterwork Dagger @302gp apiece = 604gp
Masterwork Hand Crossbow = 400gp
2x Spring-Loaded Wrist Sheath @5gp apiece = 10gp
10 Crossbow Bolts = 1gp
Total = 1015gp

[sblock=Arradon Delgaran Mini-Stats]
[ URL="http://livingpf.wikia.com/wiki/Arradon_Delgaran_(ealt)"]Arradon Delgaran[/URL]
AC: 15 (12 flat-footed, 13 touch)
HP: 18/18
CMB: +1 CMD: 14

Fort: +1 Reflex: +6 Will: +0
Bluff: +9 Diplomacy: +7 Disable Device: +10 Perception: +7 Sense Motive: +4 Sleight of Hand: +7 Stealth: +8
Initiative: +5

Sneak Attack: 1d8 (Dagger)
Hidden Blade: +1

Feats: Blind-Fight

Current Weapon in Hand: Dagger +4 (1d4+0, 19-20/x2)
Current Conditions in Effect: None
Temporary items in possession: None
Items not currently in possession: None
Items depleted: None


First Post
Francis John, III - Self-Proclaimed Prince of All Halflings

The harried halfling hurries into the magic shop. "Good day sir!" He scurries to the seventh row in, seventh shelf from the top, and finds a small gold headband. This intricate gold headband is decorated with several small blue and deep purple gemstones. He grabs it and runs back to the counter.

"I had to blind a hag to get all this!" says Francis as he tosses a very respectable amount of gold bits onto the counter. He also unceremonisouly takes off his mithral chain.... "Won't be needing this anymore.... too restricting.... maybe you have something to at least keep my belly warm? Oh, and some more crossbow bolts too!" After he makes all of the trades, he runs right out. "Good day sir!"



-4000: Headband of Vast Intelligence (in stock)
-3: Harakami
-1: Bolts, Light Crossbow

+1100: Mithral Chain Shirt


Character Sheet
HP: 14/16

AC: 17 FF:15 T:13
CMB: 1 CMD: 13
Fort: +1 Reflex: +5 Will: +1

Initiative: +2
: +8

Shortsword +3 d4+1
Light Crossbow +4 1d6

Bolts Remaining: 7/20
Adaptable Luck: 0/3[/sblock]

[sblock=Bacon, War Pig]HP: 18/18

Initiative: 0

14 FF: 14 T:10
CMB: +4 CMD: 14
Fort: +6 Ref: +3 Will: +1

: gore +4 (1d8+4)
Defensive Abilities: ferocity

: 40 ft. (30 medium, 20 heavy)

Skills: Perception +6
Senses: Lowlight Vision, Scent[/sblock]

[sblock=Adventure Notes]
+200 Gold - as advance
20 gold tamarie
Used drow poison
-3 STR (-1 melee attack/damage, -1 Str Skills, 15 ft. mvt, -3 ACP)
breaker of thumbs, blinder of hags[/sblock]
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First Post
Qalabash enters the Mystic Pearl. He rummages through all the gear choosing items and placing them on the counter. Eventually he makes his final decisions, pays the gold, and leaves.

Mithral Shirt, 1,100 gp IN STOCK
+1 Quarterstaff, 2,300 gp (alt. MW Quarterstaff, 300 gp) [roll0]
Cold Iron dagger, 4 gp [roll1]
Potion CLW, 50 gp [roll2]
Pearl of Power (1st), 1,000 gp [roll3]
Quick Runner's Shirt, 1,000 gp [roll4]


First Post
Aelspeth Noromiel, Emergent Conjurer

When Aelspeth Noromiel entered The Mystic Pearl for the first time, she felt the hairs at the nape of her neck rise. There was an energy about this place, a magic that reminded her of the gauntlet between the Prime and the Border Realms. She stopped briefly and inhaled deep that intoxicating aura.

Back to business. The young elf had no desire to be struck down and bleeding out as the men she'd recently witnessed. The frailty of life was punctuated for her in the bowels of a smuggler's ship. She came to this extradimensional emporium for protective magics. She would leave with more than expected.

[sblock=Availability][roll0] -- Available
Wand of CLW (19 charges) -- In stock
Wand of Mage Armor (43 charges) -- In stock
Cloak of Resistance +1 -- In stock[/sblock]

[sblock=Transactions]Sell Everburning Torch: +110gp
Buy Ioun Torch: -75gp
Buy Wand of CLW: -285gp
Buy Wand of Mage Armor: -645gp
Buy Cloak of Resistance +1: -1000gp

Net Expense: -1895gp[/sblock]

[sblock=Aelspeth Mini Stats]Aelspeth
HP: 13/13
AC: 13 FF: 10 T: 13
CMB: +0 CMD: 13
Fort: +1 Reflex: +3 Will: +3
Special: Immune to magic and sleep, +2 on saving throws against Enchantment
Perception: +2 S. Motive: +0
Initiative: +3
Conditions in Effect: ---
Weapon in Hand: ---
Shift: 5 ft, 7/7 remaining
0 Level: Acid Splash, Detect Magic, Ghost Sound, Mage Hand
1st Level: Grease, Unseen Servant, Color Spray, Color Spray
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