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[Arcane Row - Venza]The Mystic Pearl


First Post
--At Thuvian's home--
The tiefling wizard stood in his study, frowning heavily as he looked around at the crowded bookshelves and tables of the room to the somewhat worn backpack and the pile of adventuring gear immediately in front of him. Still not certain he was in his right mind, he he starts to slowly put the items in the pack. Some of the items are well worn, others brand new; none are packed without the frown deepening on the mage's face. Watching, and occasionally hindering this process is a gold and black viper that is intensely curious about each and every object in the pile; his antics are the only things that keep the expression on Thuvian's face from being completely dark and moody. In time, the pack is loaded and the tiefling gives one last look at the room before calling for his apprentice. "I will be leaving shortly. If you have any last questions about your studies, taking care of this house, or how to reach me, ask me now." The apprentice, another tiefling shakes his head no, at which point the master picks up the pack, and gives one last long, almost regretful look to his study. "I hope to be back sooner rather than later, though I suspect it will not happen. If I have not found peace yet, it is unlikely to show itself easily now. I can only hope that the Dunn Wright Inn has not lost it's reputation for providing work. Come, Thad; perhaps you will find the road more gratifying than your predecessor." Drawing the hood of his cloak over his head as the snake slithers onto the tiefling's shoulder, the pair exits the house as the lure of the road once more beckons.

OOC: Summary of items sold:
+1 Bracers of Armor 1000
Wand of Comprehend Language (26 charges) 390
Total 1390

OOC: Summary of items bought:
+2 Bracers of Armor 4000
Blessed Book (via commission) 12500
Scroll of Ventriliquism (via commission) 25
Scroll of Floating Disk (x2) 50
Scroll of Undetectable Alignment 25
Total 16600

Total Cost 15210

OOC: Spells copied into spellbook (no material cost due to Blessed Book): Bear's Endurance, Detect Thoughts, Displacement, Howling Agony, Loathsome Veil, Locate Object, Protection from Arrows, Stinking Cloud, Ventriliquism, Floating Disk, Undetectable Alignment
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Pirvinia walked into the magical shops and viewed the items for sale. Not finding everything she wanted, she commissioned several.

OOC: Transactions:
Sold Headband of Alluring Charisma +2 (4000gp)

Commissioned (13 Oct 2015)
Headband of Alluring Charisma +4 (10k gp)
2 x +1 Mithral Bucklers (4030gp)
Belt of Dexterity +2 (4000gp)
Ring of Protection +1 (2000gp)
Cloak of Resistance +2 (4000gp)
Hat of Disguise (1800gp)
Amulet of Natural Armor +1 (2000gp)

Total Cost = 23830gp
Items available on 12 Nov 2015


First Post
A halfling most curious drunkenly stumbles into the Pearl after dismounting his war pig. He takes a look around, all the while successfully holding a shooter of whiskey thieved from the Dunn Wright Inn. The snake that has been coiled around his neck begins to quietly hiss in his ear. "I don't need this firewater now... we'll save it for when it gets unbearably cold and we are left to die with nothing else to do but drink to all the good times." He says to his snake. "We'll save this for later of course!" He marches on up to the man behind the counter. He begins with his order. "One hip flask please....." After he completes all of his transactions, he aimlessly meanders the Venzan streets.

8 Coldweather Outfit
.5 Blanket
5 Snowshoes
5 Spell component pouch
1 Hip flask
50 Masterwork Backpack
10 Dragon Flask Whiskey
1 Bellows
-2 Backpack

78.5 Total


First Post
Leira, Master of Martial Arts

Battered from the road, Leira shuffles into the Mystic Pearl. She shakes the dust off, and begins to peruse the shelves. As she moves about, she starts thinking of what she is looking for. "So, I'm looking for something...exotic. I'm quite fond of my whip blade, and would love to get one that has a better balance than my old monastery one. Oh, I'm also looking for another shield like mine, but a little better than what I have." She continues looking about, and finally decides on a few healing potions and a nicer backpack.

Masterwork Urumi (330 gp)
Darkwood Heavy Shield +1 (1,257 gp)
Cure Light Wounds Potions x4 (200 gp)
Masterwork Backpack (50 gp)

Backpack (2 gp)
Urumi (30 gp)
Darkwood Shield (257 gp)

[sblock=Shopping & Availability]
Masterwork Urumi availability : 1D100 = [15] = 15

Masterwork Gladius Availability : 1D100 = [85] = 85

Ioun Torch availability : 1D100 = [92] = 92

Darkwood Heavy Shield +1 Availability: 1D100 = [62] = 62

Cure Light Wounds Potions x4: 1D100 = [39] = 39



First Post
[sblock=Anastrace]You'll need to roll a series of availability rolls for each of the CLW potions, with the first failure ending the chain and preventing any following successes in this availability period. Your 39 nets you the first one, so you'll need three more rolls if you'd like to purchase upwards of 4 of the potions.

For example, assuming a 75% success rate:
53, 21, 78 would be two successes
98, 05, 56 would be no successes (because the 98 ends the series)

If you have any questions feel free to ask.[/sblock]


First Post
There should be enough CLW potions in stock (I.E. listed in the first post) unless a crack ton of them have been bought recently.


First Post
"Just returned from a job well paid in which I found myself without the best of gear. Something I wish to remedy right away." He peruses the shelves and finds a few items of interest.
He places his slightly used short sword on the table along with the coins owed for the items. "I was hoping to find a goblin sword, you see we fought some rather nasty brutes that carried these swords with holes in them and they were very effective. However I believe the fine shortsword here will do very nicely. Perhaps someone will find use of my old sword. Thank you as always it is a pleasure. Now I am off to see about securing some living accomodations."

item availability
ring1:1D100 = [75] = 75 success
ring2:1D100 = [17] = 17 success
dogslicer:1D100 = [87] = 87 fail

+1 shortsword 1D100 = [68] = 68 success

ring of spell knowledge I 1,500 gp
ring of spell knowledge II 6,000 gp
+1 shortsword 2,310 gp
wand of shield (42 charges) 675 gp from inventory
feather token swan boat 450 gp from inventory
Living accomodations 1,000 gp

items sold:
short sword 10gp

total spent = 11,925 gp

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First Post
Samad Salil stepped out of the shop with some new gear in hand. One of which was a pair of spectacles that had caught his eyes. It was strange, he had seen lens grinders in his homeland, but it seemed it was the Venzans capitalizing on this innovation. Still, he thought they looked rather silly when worn, and he thought they might be fragile besides, so he kept them in his bag. Another thing that Ben had pushed on him was a pair of old, ratty gloves. They were also missing the fingers, so Samad saw no practical benefit in them, but he was assured that they would aid him in seeing what couldn't be seen. So why did he buy the spectacles, then?

[sblock]Starting Total: 17413.1
+1 cloak of resistance +1000 gp
+1 mithral chain shirt +2100 gp
+1 scimitar +2315 gp

Buying Cloak of Resistance +2: 1D100 = [84] = 84 Failure, will buy from stock
Gloves of Recon: 1D100 = [3] = 3 Success
+1 Mithril Shirt of Light Fortification: 1D100 = [68] = 68 Success
+2 Scimitar: 1D100 = [69] = 69 Success
Eyes of the Eagle: 1D100 = [50] = 50 Success
Ending Total: 913[/sblock]


First Post
Regar moves through the markets swiftly, uninterested in the amazing colours and smells, the exotic species perched in different shopfronts or the magical items and wands sitting in the stalls. He had a bit of a one-track mind sometimes, he needed three scrolls. One of Summon Minor monster, Break and Burning Hands being the main ones. Pleasantly surprised by his success, Regar purchased the appropriate magical inks, so he could write the spells into his spell-book. He then nearly forgot that he lacked a water-skin. With a sigh, he went away to purchase one. He could feel its heavy contents weighing him down.

http://roll.coyotecode.net/lookup.php?rollid=103149 - Summon Minor Monster - Success (-25gp)

http://roll.coyotecode.net/lookup.php?rollid=103151 - Break - Success (-25gp)

http://roll.coyotecode.net/lookup.php?rollid=103153 - Burning Hands - Success (-25gp)

Magical inks (-30gp)

Waterskin (-1gp)

=-106 gp

8sp remaining

+4lb., Regar is now at medium carrying capacity (32lb.). I will get him a dark-wood staff after this adventure to lighten his load.

I assume I update my character sheet now? [/sblock]


First Post
Erin Vaneese, Magus Adept

Looking about the shop, Erin eventually spots another blade like hers, but much better balanced than hers. Perusing the shelves she looks for another set of silken clothing, but finer. Spotting a nice set on a display, she purchases that and a new wakazashi.

+1 Silken Ceremonial Armor -1,180 gp
Masterwork Wakazashi -335 gp

Silken Ceremonial Armor +30 gp
Wakazashi +35gp


First Post
The big 1/2 Orc enters the shop. Out of his element he is quiet as he goes about the business of finding the equipment he needs. He returns to the counter placing his items for purchase and then makes a second pile of items to sell. These I no longer need he explains as he hands over a sizeable sack of coins.

items to sell:
+1 Agile breast plate 1550gp
Light crossbow 35gp
Bolts 2 gp

items to purchase:

+2 Agile breast plate mithral 8550 gp success roll 29
+2 Cloak of Resistance 4000 gp success roll 7
Bracers of falcons aim 4000 gp success roll 8

home for residence 100 gp
Composite longbow +5dam 600gp
20 Arrows, flight 2gp

Total spent 15,665 gp

Deuce Traveler

Lem enters the shop, whistling happily. He trades in his amulet, for a bigger, brighter, shinier amulet.

Selling his Amulet of Mighty Fists +0; fire for 4000gp
Selling Ring of Protection +1 for 2000gp

Purchasing an Amulet of Mighty Fists +2; fire for 32000gp
Purchasing Ring of Protection +2 for 8000gp

34000gp spent


First Post
[sblock=Wahyu]Small Living Steel dagger: cost = 802 gp (divide by 1000 and then multiply by 3 to get 2.406, so three days)
Small Adamantine dagger: cost = 3002 gp (equals 9.006, or ten days)[/sblock]


First Post
Wahyu entered the shop once again, this time with a considerably heavier purse. It seemed almost selfish to use it all on himself, when he thought of home, but, it was not as though the power-that-be there would ever allow such to come to pass. He wished this battle would be easier, all he needed was a sign.

Browsing through the shelves, he found a jewel that could fit right into his hat, that it advertised would somehow boost his spiritual attunement. The Lady knew that he was no skeptic, so he bought it, along with a very shiny metal vest and several sheets of prayer instruction. But that's when he saw it. A dagger, sitting out in the open next to some others. He would not have noticed, were the grip not curved in a way that he knew most locals' did not. As he approached it, and picked it up, he came to a startling realization.

He knew this blade.

Could this be it? Found at last, after all this time? He looked over it, but could see no traces of what was supposed to be contained within. Had the seal been broken? He unsheathed it and examined the curves of the Kris, yet as he did, he heard a voice, old and feeble, say ever so faintly, "... take... me..."

Did the owners not know? If not, then perhaps it be best that he did not make mention of it. Perhaps the Lady brought him here with this purpose, lest this dagger fall into hands with intentions far more ill.
[sblock=OOC]Starting funds: 14,365
Headband of Charisma: 1D100 = [54] = 54 -4000
+2 Mithral Shirt: 1D100 = [71] = 71 -4100
Page of Spell Knowledge (Bless): 1D100 = [97] = 97 Fail
Page of Spell Knowledge (Protection from Evil): 1D100 = [72] = 72 -1000
Page of Spell Knowledge (Ray of Sickening): 1D100 = [54] = 54 -1000
Page of Spell Knowledge (Liberating Command): 1D100 = [24] = 24 -1000
Page of Spell Knowledge (Divine Favor): 1D100 = [1] = 1 -1000
2265 3265
Selling Crossbow and Studded Leather Armor +60gp
Buying Masterwork Living Steel Dagger -802
1523 gp 2523
So, the rules prohibit nearly all forms of crafting (with good reason), but it makes no specific mention of Arcane Bond. Am I correct in assuming that it is or is one of the few exceptions to the rule? If it is, then he'll spend the next night and a night on the boat adding a +1 to it for 1000 2000 gp. If not, then he'll spend it on something else. Either way, it's his Bonded Weapon now.

EDIT: I mispriced the Mithral Shirt. I'll drop the page of Protection from Evil as well to make up the difference.[/sblock]
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First Post
So, the rules prohibit nearly all forms of crafting (with good reason), but it makes no specific mention of Arcane Bond. Am I correct in assuming that it is or is one of the few exceptions to the rule? If it is, then he'll spend the next night and a night on the boat adding a +1 to it for 1000 gp. If not, then he'll spend it on something else. Either way, it's his Bonded Weapon now.[/sblock]
I had to go searching for the answer to this but I knew it was there somewhere. (Ancient Discussion) It came up about halfway down the page and the final answer is at the bottom. Sorry, abilities added through Arcane Bond cost full price. But, unlike someone who is upgrading an item, the wizard doesn't have to give up their item to have it done.

Maidhc O Casain

Na Bith Mo Riocht Tá!
A hulking half-orc with a slightly manic look strides boldly into the Pearl and begins a leisurely stroll up and down the isles. In spite of his appearance, his behavior is not brutish at all and his speech is quite cultured. He picks up a wand without even hesitating, and his eyes light up as he spies a gold ring with some exquisite engraving. He rummages around for about an hour, growing slightly more dissatisfied, until he finally give up his search and approaches the shop keeper.

The little Gnome manning the store this day looks up... and up... at Jonas, and smiles. "And were you able to find everything you needed today?"

"Sadly, I was not. I did find these two items that are of use to me, and would like to purchase them." He places the wand and ring on the counter. "However, I also need a weapon to replace this one, and a suit of armor.

"For the armor, I'll need a suit of chainmail made of Elvish steel - mithril, I believe is their word for it - suitable for my frame. For the blade, I've heard of magics that allow a weapon to change it's shape to suit the wielder's need. I'd like a falchion with that quality, also made of Elvish steel. How long to see those items completed?"

The Gnome looks appraisingly at the the well-spoken brute on the other side of the counter, rubs his long nose with a long finger as he considers, and finally nods to himself. "You're in luck, my good man! I have exactly such a weapon in the back room, just waiting for a deserving soul such as yourself. If my eyes do not deceive me... and they rarely do... you are a Servant of Iraznog, who's favored weapon you seek. This particular blade I have, I know to be transformative in nature. I cannot say what other... properties... have been instilled into the blade by your deity. You'll have to discover those for yourself. Are you still interested?"

Jonas' eyes light up at the mere thought of wielding one of the Holy Weapons of Iraznog, and he nods eagerly. He appears to be struck dumb by the thought.

The Gnome disappears into the back room for a mere moment, and returns holding a plainly, but very well well made, falchion.

[sblock=Mechanics]Selling a bunch of mundane gear and two potions of Cure Light Wounds and a +1 Mithril Shirt. (Was that all the magic Jonas had? Really? Oh, yes - also a Rope of Climbing and a +1 Cloak of Resistance that were never added to his sheet but were claimed from ROUS 3).

Purchasing a +2 Ring of Protection and a Wand of Cure Light Wounds. Commissioning a +1 Transformative Mithril Falchion. Spending 1 DMC to get the falchion immediately (16,075 GP x 3 is 48 days, well within the 60 granted by spending a DMC. I'd like to get the chainmail (5150 GP) expedited as well, but the extra 15+ days puts it just outside the 60 days total granted :(. So I'll hope we're two weeks out from actually starting the adventure...

Also setting up the Falchion thematically for future enchantments, possibly including intelligence.

Falchion: 94, Chainmail: 83, Ring: 62, Wand: 65[/sblock]

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