D&D General Are all the freebies worth it when taking them means my Pc is a escaped slave that's wanted dead or alive and has a price of 58,290 Gold on his head?

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A 58k bounty, in my games, would mean that every person with any type of combat prowess would be out hunting your escaped slave. So if every city, town, and village guardsman, every adventuring party, every mercenary is going to be hunting you, go for it.

Just seems a ridiculous way to start a game to me.
Even people without powers would chase that. All it takes is one good roll and you're richer than rich.

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As a dm I would dislike this greatly as it causes the DM several headaches.
(1) you’d have extra gold and magic items as a resource, that leads to needing to do extra effort to balance encounters for your different resources
(2) unless other PCs have that level, you’ll be unbalanced in resources than others
(3) will the in character talk devolve in to needing to justify whether it is right for the party to know stolen gold is being spent?
(4) you are getting a strong starting character benefit with access to lots of gold to buy stuff/favors/bribes/etc. but no downside unless the dm wants to work in someone trying to chase you down at minimum a number of times the stolen money gets used. That means needing to justify how someone finds out and just possibly making it take spot light very often ( I would get very tired of that eventually from either side of the dm screen)

That said, I am speaking about ME. If your DM is on board and it will be fun for the WHOLE group, then have fun with it.

As an aside, you could circumvent SOME of this by removing the liquidity of it: maybe pregame the money is used to buy a small estate in the country side making it a headquarters for the party ( or a remote countryside barony gets purchased making them a land owner now that has to keep their barony clear of monsters etc) that type of stuff turns the funds in to a party-wide story point even if it originated as your individual PCs background.
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Thanks. Also 3 minutes ago I got a text from The GM confirming my suspicions that the only reason that his tables could result in this kind of thing is that he thought it would never happen

Another thing. 1 of The Player is A Cavalier that's the 4th child of A Senior Earl and is a very distant relation of the royal family, the Pcs dad's 58th in line to the throne and the Pcs 62nd in line to the throne

What's more The king owes The Senior Earl whose the father of 1 of The Pcs a massive favor. Maybe they should try and call it in?, after all if it works my escaped slave Pc would get A Royal Pardon
so in my mind the entire campaign is going to about be your cavalier friend and his plan to kill 61 specific people

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