D&D General Why would A Very Minor Count that's has more power, influence, respect, popularity and followers then some minor sovereigns become A Adventurer?


Goblin Queen (She/Her/Hers)
I remember the dwarven background in one of the Dragon Age games you begin as the heir to the throne and end up branded and exiled over the course of the prologue.
That’s the first one. Second one didn’t give you a choice of background and the backgrounds in the third didn’t come with unique playable prologues.

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This “background” is way OP for a 1st level PC, no matter what edition you’re playing. He’s got far too much money and too many magic items (including artifacts)! Talk about Monty Haul!

This means that my character is the heir of A Noble Family that has been around for 14,499 years, and my characters homeland is only 14,539 years old and over those 14,499 years my characters family has arranged over 2,361 marriages of convenience, but roughly 93% of those simply added to their considerable fortunes

I'm sorry, a marriage of convenience every 6.14 years? Any decent noble family would only have one every 7.09 years at most.

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