D&D 5E Are you going to start at level 1 for your 5th Edition PCs?


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just curious how many of you are going to start from level 1 in the game when they get it or are you going to start at a higher level?

If I get the game and have a group I'd probably start at level 3 to 5. I always liked those levels bestest.


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just curious how many of you are going to start from level 1 in the game when they get it or are you going to start at a higher level?
I can't see starting at any level but 1 unless converting an existing character (and even there, I'd hope to have had some experience with the game first) or if it ends up that my first experience with the game is joining a new group that's already at a higher level. Pre-4e I never really liked levels below 3 because it was too easy to die from one hit from a low-level monster (and wizards didn't really get the cool offensive spells until level 5), but it's tough to know what the baseline is for a new edition of the game without trying it.


If I play 5e, I'll start my first campaign at 1st level. Later campaigns may have a higher starting point, of course.

But until I have some experience with the system, how can I get some bearing on which levels are my favourite? 1st level means very different things in 2nd Edition and 4e!


If I like the game and if I have a campaign idea that fits with the game better than the other games in the library and if the game offers levels as we know them then I'll run D&D Next starting at first level.

That's a lot of ifs -- and the first one won't be settled for a year or so.


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You're assuming that levels still exist...

Heh, probably a safe assumption.

If I run a campaign, yes, I'll start it at level 1.

It avoids information overload by keeping the character-specific stuff everyone has to learn to a minimum, allowing more attention to be devoted to learning the universal aspects of the system.

By the time they've levelled up, they should have a decent grasp of the basics, and be more at ease layering any character specific details on to that foundation.

Plus, on the DM's side of the screen, you get a chance to do the same: grasp the basics before players start tossing exceptions at you left and right.

Lord Zack

I'm hoping to be able to easily convert over the megadungeon I'm writing for Pathfinder and then having players roll up 5e characters at 1st level and then tackle the upper levels of the dungeon for the playtest.


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Without a proper context about levels, you should always start a new system at first level. As the group gets more experience with they can always start at different levels. As Grydan said you need to learn the system first.


I'll start the players at the level that doesn't have the PCs fighting rats & skeletons, the level where they're not fragile enough to die if something looks at them crossly, the level where they are capable of actually doing things.

In 3e that's around level 3, in 4e that's level 1.

So it depends on how competent and sturdy PCs are at level 1.
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