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D&D General Are You Seriously Planning to Stop Playing and/or Running D&D Over The Recent OGL Developments?

Are You Seriously Planning to Stop Playing and/or Running D&D Over he Recent OGL Developments?

  • Yes

    Votes: 95 43.8%
  • No

    Votes: 122 56.2%

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Yes, I'll stop buying, playing, and running D&D in any form.

That said, that's a fairly easy decision for me to take - my current group is about to break up, and I was already considering just stopping gaming at that point anyway. This just solidifies the decision.


Golden Procrastinator
I'll happily keep playing older editions of D&D. I'm a bit soured on 5e and so I'm not going to play it in the near future, but I'm likely to revisit this down the line. 6e? Hard nope.


We have D&D on a multiyear pause anyway cause of burnout. The current situation, with under-monetization and then the OGL, just make me not want to buy or use WotC/Hasbo products in any way or form. Corporate profit is fine. Corporate Mammon-like greed is disgusting.


There's basically zero chance I stop playing/running D&D over this. Based on the direction of the playtest, I'm pretty happy with how 1D&D will look, so I'll probably pick up at least the PHB. Since it's a revised edition that's backwards compatible, I should be able to use my existing books instead of the revised ones. I haven't bought any books since Ghosts of Saltmarsh, so I'm already not likely to buy most of the products anyway.


I'm gonna let you in on a little secret:
I don't need Hasbro or Wizards of the Coast to play D&D. Nobody does.

So that's a solid NO from my camp.

What Nick said.

I may reduce my spending on WotC D&D 5E products and might even skip OneD&D just like I skipped 4E. But stop playing? Nah, I've got a healthy collection of BECMI, AD&D 1.0/2.0, D&D 3.0/3.5 and 5E, more than I can play/run in a lifetime. I have a library full of adventures I have yet to run (and that my friends would like to experience), so we'll keep on playing.

That said, I also have no shortage of other RPGs and board games in my collection that I've never played, and I look forward to getting them to the table.

I also wish nothing but the best to Paizo and the other OGL publishers that decide to break completely free from the WotC behemoth.

EDIT: I have never purchased anything via D&D Beyond, and the latest developments have furthered my resolve to continue to not do so.


As I have written elsewhere on this, I buy product that I think will be useful/entertaining and I love 5e and do not plan to stop. I may slow down future purchases but the honest fact is that the current likely alternatives to D&D out there, I either do not care for or my player are not interested.
I do not see that changing much.


Not really.

5e is closest to how I like to play. I just won't buy WOTC books that I barely buy as is. I will just supplement it with the stuff I already have like LU.


No. However, One D&D does not seem different enough for me to bother switching over and there are other RPGs out there that I have been eager to play.

If we are talking 5e and OneD&D, then yes. I was already on the way out (the only 5e product I bought in the recent years was LevelUp) and the OGL fiasco sealed the deal. However, if we include older versions and retro clones (Old-School Essentials, Swords&Wizardry, Hyperborea), that's still on the table.

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