Asgard #1 Mixed Blood cheap min/max tricks


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I enjoyed that article on crossbreeds of the various standard races in Asgard #1, but found some cheap min-maxed combos pretty easy.
Combo 1) Sun-light orcs:
Orcish brawn (+4 strength) 5 points
Orcish Impulsiveness (-2 wisdom) -1 point
Orcish Untrustworthiness (-2 charisma) -1point
result: a superor fighter (or Barabrian for that matter with little trade-off).
Combo 2) Dworcs:
Orcish brawn 5 points
Orish Impulsiveness -1point
Dwarven Stoniness (+2 constitution, +2 poison saves, +2 saves vs. spels ) 2 points
Dwarven Gruffness or Orcish Untrustworthiness -1 point
Dwarven Height (speed 20 feet) -1 point
result: a better than normal fighter (or barbarian) with a small trade-off
[please let me know if I posted this to the wrong forum. I'm new here.]

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Well, that was fun
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That's a blast from the past! Written well over a year ago. :)

With that system, I think the DM needs to keep an eye on it. The trade-off is flexibility for resistance to abuse - it's only going to be suitable for certain types of gaming group or certain types of DM.

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