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Asking for Reviews and Feedback


First Post

I am seeking feedback/reviews/generating interest on a fantasy book I wrote on fictionpress.

Here's the link:


Here's the blurb on the story:

A human from our world finds himself without much of his memories and cannot remember his name. He awakes severely hurt and is nursed back to health where he encounters elves, talking wolves and possesses powers that he cannot control. He is treated with suspicion and hatred as he forges relationships in the village of their impending Harvesting by the Bloody Baron.

This is not your typical epic fantasy story as there is a lot of building of relationships in the story.

Fair warning though--this story deals with dark subjects and I don't pull punches in some of my characters. While I typically write PG-13, this story is not it, so if you give this a pass, no harm no foul.

However, if you happen to like what you read, please feel free to post a review on the website.


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I'll see what I can do after I'm done with my huge project at work due soon. It's stopped my own work on my novel I started.

I' m wary about asking the folks here for reviews and stuff, though pre-crash I had a thread asking for advice about publishing alternatives.

You might check out writing.com, that's where I got a tip to go (from here). Also look to see if your area has a local writers guild.

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