Assassination! DM: FourMonos Judge: Renau1g


"If I were you, I would run." Chael says as she slowly advances towards the last gnoll bowman. She kills the gnoll attacking Alexia and slams the bowman hard, knocking it to the ground.

*Let's get closer Dusk.*

Free: Regeneration 4 for 37 hit points (Chael no longer bloody)
Move: Move to D25, Dusk moves to D26.
Standard: Magic Stone on GF1 and GCF3 in that order.

natural 20 and 15 vs. Reflex. 12 damage.

HA! I finally roll a critical and Chael is no longer bloodied in order to take advantage of it.

Reroll on GCF3 24

GCF3 takes 12 damage.

GF1 11 critical damage, 12 saves from falling

GF1 takes 23 damage and is prone in his square.

GCF3 is marked and at -3 to attack anyone other than Chael if Chael is not included in attack.

+2 to defenses to Chael due to Dusk, +1 to Dusk's defenses due to Chael. +2 for partial cover for Chael vs. GF1 due to Dusk.
[sblock=Immediate Actions]
In order:

Not able to do Mind Spike this round.

Mind Spike
Trigger: An adjacent enemy marked by Chael deals damage to her ally with an attack that doesn’t include her as a target.
Effect: The target takes force and psychic damage equal to the damage that its attack dealt to Chael's ally.

Not able to do Guardian's Counter this round.

Guardian's Counter
Close burst 2; Trigger: An ally within 2 squares of Chael is hit by an attack and she is not included in the attack.
Effect: Chael and the ally shift up to 2 squares as a free action, swapping positions. She becomes the target of the triggering attack, in place of the ally. After the attack is resolved, Chael can make a basic attack against the attacker.

[sblock=stat block]
Chael - Female Longtooth Shifter Hybrid Battlemind | Sentinel Druid
Advantageous Conditions: 5 temp hit points from Alexia 5 temp hit points at the start of all encounters (Psionic Vigor)
Adverse Conditions:
Initiative: +4 Passive Insight: 26 Passive Perception: 26
Senses: Low Light Vision
Power Points: 0/4
HP 37/66
Bloodied 33
Surge Value 17; Surges Per-Day 8/12
AC 28 Fortitude 23 Reflex 19 Will 22 Speed 5
Currently AC: 30 Fortitude 25 Reflex 21 Will 24 (adjacent to Dusk) +2 partial cover bonus from Dusk for ranged attacks
Action Points: 1
Second Wind: Not Used
HP: 16/33 Senses: low light vision
Speed: 6, Initiative: equal to Chael's
AC: 21, Fortitude: 23, Reflex: 19, Will: 15
Currently AC: 22, Fortitude: 24, Reflex: 20, Will: 16 (adjacent to Chael)
At will:
Battlemind's Demand
Conductive Defense
Forceful Reversal
Magic Stone
Melee Basic
Mind Spike
Camouflage Cloak
Guardian's Counter
Healing Word
Longtooth Shifting
Psionic Vigor
Second Wind
Wind Wall
Aspect Of Elevated Harmony
Wall of Thorns
Trained: 11 Athletics, 13 Endurance, 16 Insight, 16 Perception
Untrained: 2 Acrobatics, 5 Arcana, 4 Bluff, 4 Diplomacy, 9 Dungeoneering, 9 Heal, 5 History, 4 Intimidate, 11 Nature, 5 Religion, 2 Stealth, 4 Streetwise, 2 Thievery
Hybrid Talent
Heart of the Blade
Melee Training (Wisdom)
Mark of Warding
Longtooth Spirit Shifter
Magic Items:
Belt of Vigor
Boots of Fencing Master
Amulet of Protection +2
Twilight Heavy Shield
Blood Fury Longsword +2
Dragonrider Scale +3
Siberys Shard of the Mage
2 Potions of Healing
Companion Defender
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GM: [MENTION=2011]KarinsDad[/MENTION] yes, GCF3 is dead and [MENTION=48854]Vertexx69[/MENTION] Rohna's target GF2 is also dead


OOC: Then Rohna will switch to her flaming warhammer and pound the troll to ashes while the others gang up on the last gnoll.


GM: Well, we are getting close to finishing this adventure. I'll be wrapping up the combat portion very soon.

How I wrap up the conclusion of the battle, and what's under the blue wrapping, depends on the consensus opinion on my next question: 'What is the interest level in pursuing another adventure?' I wouldn't be starting it right away, as I've discovered that two adventures at once kills my motivation to post and slows down the adventures. Sorry to everyone who has suffered through my moment of self-realization :).

Also, I would appreciate a quick message letting me know what parcel (s) of treasure your character has available, and item preferences if not on your character sheet.

As always, I would welcome any criticism or feedback on the adventure and DM technique. After all, we only stop learning when we're dead.


Malehan strikes again the Troll, killing it again and again...

[SBLOCK=OOC]Standard: Bond of Pursuit vs AC on Troll (2d20.takeHighest(1)+15=34, 2d4+11=17) Hit for 17 damages.

Minor: Sustain Soul Seeker.


[SBLOCK=To Players]
@.Players: Anyone who want can use this power for an attack roll of an encounter or daily power.
Divine Guidance (Immediat Interrupt * Close Burst 10)
Target: An ally within 10 squares of you makes an attack roll against your oath of enmity target.
Effect: That ally makes a second attack roll and uses either result.

[SBLOCK=Immediate Actions]
@.DM: Also, during the monster turn, Malehan might use one of these interrupt. If more than one trigger is valid at the same time, use the first in list. Please note I might change the Triggering conditions.

Great Hunger Falchion (Immediate Reaction)
1) An enemy adjacent to you scores a critical hit against you.
2) The enemy is not a Minion.
Effect: Roll this weapon’s critical damage dice (including any extra damage from the weapon’s property => +2d8, add +2d4 for each critical rolled during this encounter) and deal that much damage to the triggering enemy.

Belt of Raging Endurance (Immediate Interrupt)
1) An enemy hits you and causes damage.
2) Malehan takes 15 damages or more.
Effect: You gain resist 15 against that attack, but you also take 10 damage at the end of your next turn.

[SBLOCK=Malehan's Stats]Malehan
Elf - Avenger - 8
Initiative +9
Passive Insight 19; Passive Perception 31
HP 37/68; THP 0; Bloodied 34; Surge Value 17; Surges Per-Day 7/9
AC 26(28); Fortitude 18; Reflex 22; Will 22
Speed 7
Action Points: 0

Current Effects: None

Basic Attack: Overwhealming Strike Fullblade +15 vs AC 2d4+11 damage and you shift 1 square and slide the target 1 square into the space you occupied.

Skills: Acrobatics +16, Nature +11, Perception +21, Religion +11, Stealth +15, Thievery +15
Languages: Common, Elven

[ ]Bond of Pursuit
[ ]Overwhealming Strike

[X]Elven Accuracy
[X]Oath of Enmity
[X]Channel Divinity (Abjure Undead or Divine Guidance)
[X]Takedown Strike
[X]Centered Flurry of Blow
[X]Angelic Alacrity
[X]Sequestering Strike
[X]No Respite
[X]Refocus Enmity

[ ]Aspect of Might
[ ]Menacing Presence
[X]Soul Seeker

[ ]Acrobat Boots [W]
[ ]Symbol of Scorned Fate [E]
[X]Belt of Raging Endurance [E]
[ ]Great Hunger Falchion [D]
[X]Enduring Spirit Vestments [D]
[ ]Cannith Google [D]


OOC: I would be interesetd to continue adventuring.

Malehan have Parcel+3, +4 and Gold left. You can find his wishlist under the equipment section of the character sheet. As usual, if you want to give something else, I am open to it too. The items I had most fun with was items I didn't wish to get...


[sblock=@fourmonos]I would likewise be interested in another adventure, though hopefully we would get an extended rest and a chance to level up. My wishlist is also on my sheet, presuming I get the 2000xp Rohna needs to hit lvl 9, then her request to House Vadalis, (which she bares the dragonmark of handling for), for her griffon mount could be pushed through by the ambassadors by way of compensation? Just a thought on a way that she could attain her black griffon. :cool: Since House Vadalis raises griffons, its the easiest way to get one. I think I'm the only character in living eberron that has gone the mount route.)[/sblock]I was wondering how the troll is getting up every round after being dropped below 0. Even with regen 10 he should still lose a round like we do when we drop under 0 even when immediately healed.
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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
The priests pauses in his unwrapping, eyeing the warriors still busy with the troll.
"Doesn't anyone have simple fire flask? I have some flammable oil in my adventure packs, use it on the troll!"

OOC: Venakhad unwrapped the wrapping in the last post.

I would be interested in continuing.

My free parcels are gold, n+1 and n+4

I would like rebuking chain mail, saving throw boosters (for me or the party), resist items, some kind of shared healing (when I heal others to receive the same) - I remember that such item exists, but not what type or level it is :(. Feel free to give me anything you think appropriate, I'll find the use for it :) My holy symbol could use the boost (and will get it if I get enough gold)

My free item slots:
Waist - diamond cincture would be nice, but I don't have free +2 parcel
Feet - Feystep lacings? Steadfast boots
Arms - Bracers of escape maybe?


GM: Sounds good, three so far. Being involved thus far does not oblige you to continue. Doing xp calculations.

Troll Healing: If reduced to 0 hit points by an attack that does not deal acid or fire damage, the troll rises on his next turn (as a move action) with 10 hit points.
OOC: I too would be interested in a follow-up adventure. I'll post what parcels I need later today, as I think my sheet is out of date and I'm about to go to work.

Alexia staggers after Chael. She attempts to hex the gnoll but she is distracted by her wounds.

[sblock=Actions]Move: Move to D22.
Standard: Cutting Words vs GF1. Natural 1.

[sblock=mini stat block]Alexia Madgearu - Vryloka* Bard 8
*Insight DC 29 to notice she's not human.
Initiative: +4 | Passive perception: 20 | Passive Insight: 22
AC 25 | F 20 | R 19 | W 22
HP: 24/65 | Bloodied: 32 | Surge value: 16 (14 when bloodied) | Surges: 9/11
Resist: 9 necrotic
Speed: 6 | Languages: Common, Dwarven
AP: 0 | Second Wind: not used
MBA: +11 vs AC, 1d8+3, +2d6 on crit
Powers: Cutting Words, Guiding Strike
Lifeblood, Majestic Word (0/2), Words of Friendship, Essence of Death, Divine Challenge
Shout of Triumph, Rally the Spectral Host, Unluck
Stirring Shout, Satire of Bravery
Inspire Confidence, Ode to Sacrifice
Performer's Longsword, Screaming Drakescale, Symbol of Scorned Fate



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The Depths Platforms Round 10
Goliath Fighter/Warlord 8
61/76 HP (10THP)
Resist All 1

Rohna wheels the massive dire boar around toward the fallen troll as she slings her blackened mordenkrad once more and draws the lighter warhammer and her shield. The hammer blazes into a shining nimbus outline of itself as Olaf rears back and charges into the head of the downed troll. The blazing hammer sinks solidly through the breastbone of the monstrous mage setting his bloody green body alight. Just for good measure, Olaf sink a tusk into the temple of the burning corpse and tears its head clean off, and sending it sailing off the platform into the waiting muck below. The fighter looks around at the last gnoll with a wicked grin as she yanks the fiery hammer free of the enemy leader's body. "Well now, it looks like you have a choice to make pup."
[sblock=Combat Actions]Free: Speak, Ignite Flaming Warhammer
Minor: Draw Flaming Warhammer and Heavy Shield.
Move: Sling Kordestad.
Standard: MBA charge to (Z13/AA14) vs Troll AC 1d20+16=35, 1d10+6=18 fire dmg Marking Troll UENT.
Action Point: ...
vs Troll AC 1d20+13=28, 2d10+9=20[/sblock][sblock=Rohna]Rohna—Female Goliath Fighter 8 Resist all 1
Initiative: +4, Passive Perception: 20, Passive Insight: 15
AC: 24 (26 with Shield), Fort: 22, Reflex: 15 (17 with Shield), Will: 17 — Speed: 5(6), 9 when mounted
HP: 61/76 (10THP), Bloodied: 38, Surge: 19, Surges left: 5/13;
AP: 0/1, Second Wind: Used, Milestones 0
Powers -
Crushing Surge
Pass Forward
Practiced Rider
Passing Strike
Rhino Strike
Hydra Charge
Stone's Endurance
Inspiring Word
Villain's Menace
Rain of Steel

Vanguard Mordenkrad +2 "Kordestad" (daily, minor)
Flaming Warhammer +1 (daily, free)
Onyx Dog (daily, standard)
Antipathy Gloves (daily, standard)
[sblock=Pals]Olaf—Dire Boar 6
Resist 10 all; HP 74/85 (0THP); Bloodied 42 AC 20; Fortitude 21, Reflex 17, Will 16, Speed 9. Property: Rabid Charger (while mounted by a friendly rider of 6th level or higher; at-will) Mount; After Rohna charges, Olaf makes a gore attack in addition to Rohna's charge attack. Furious Charge; When Olaf charges, his gore deals an extra 5 damage, pushes the target 2 squares, and knocks the target prone on a hit. Death Strike (when reduced to 0 hit points); Olaf makes a gore attack. Powers: Gore (standard; at-will); +11 vs. AC; 2d10 + 4 damage, or 2d10 + 9 damage against a prone target.

Gretta—Construct 4
Initiative +7; Low-light, Passive Perception 17
AC: 16, Fort: 15, Reflex: 14, Will: 13 — Speed: 8
HP: 9/9(4); Bloodied 4

(standard; at-will)
+7 vs. AC; 1d6 + 3 damage.​
[/sblock][/sblock][sblock=OOC]Squares adjacent to Rohna cost +1 movement for enemies to enter.Rohna has a power bonus of +2 to hit and +4 to dmg vs the Troll Until the end of the encounter.

Damage Summary:
(Total damage if all attacks hit)

Troll (38) Marked (pretty sure hes dead now)
MBA - AC 35, 18 fire dmg
Gore - AC 28, 20 dmg


I was wondering how the troll is getting up every round after being dropped below 0. Even with regen 10 he should still lose a round like we do when we drop under 0 even when immediately healed.
OOC: Even though 4M posted the creature rule, it goes beyond that a bit. The reason PCs lose a round is (abet a house rule for some DMs here) because PCs have the advantage over the NPCs of posting in any order. Without such a rule, a PC would never ever be unconscious (or stunned for those who use the same rule for stunned) for any significant period of time. Just due to the way the forums work, players post in any order they want (as opposed to being limited to an initiative order). Hence, the Leader(s) can always heal an unconscious PC (assuming the leaders have a heal remaining), and that PC can always get back up and attack in the same round right away. The player of the unconscious PC just has to wait to post until his/her PC is healed. NPCs typically do not have this advantage (beside the point that they rarely heal) because NPCs typically do act in the same order every round. Being able to switch around the order of who goes first is a major advantage for the players (e.g. "Ok, I use my mega to hit buff on everyone else" and this is done almost every time BEFORE other players post, hence every PC gets the advantage immediately as opposed to the following round).

This rule also tends to protect the PCs, even though it appears to only hinder them. Without this rule, DMs would actually be encouraged to attack an unconscious PC with every single remaining NPC available because the DM knows that the PC will immediately be healed (and the overall result is as if the PC had never even been unconscious). With the rule, the DM is encouraged to ignore the downed PC and attack other PCs because the DM knows that PC will not be acting the next round. Granted, the DM could still attack the PC with every single remaining NPC, but the incentive to do that or the unconscious PC immediately counterattacks is no longer there.


With a mighty swing, Rohna's flaming warhammer slams into the troll one final time. The fire ignites the battered skin of the troll, burning its body. The troll screams in agony as the fire moves across its shadowed body. The shadow runes glow brightly before the fire crosses over their borders and burning the runes away. In moments, all that remains in an corpse of ash.

The remaining gnolls snarl in defiance, slowly stepping back from the group. You can tell there will be no surrender.

The beating of the wings gets closer and the group sees a large figure, dropped from the sky onto the platform across from the group. The large blue skinned creature has horns protruding from its head. Clearly as large as an ogre, there is no doubt that the creature before you is an oni. It holds a large sword in its right hand, but the arm is relaxed down at its side. Intelligent eyes peruse the battle scene. It makes a quick slashing movement across its neck with its left hand.

If there was any question to the signals intent, a moment later, gargoyles descend upon the remaining gnolls and pull them, struggling, from the platforms.

The oni takes a step forward, smiles a toothy smile, then bows low before you. He is still smiling as he rises. "Greetings, my friends. You have my gratitude for removing this blight from Sharn. My name is Cavallah. I apologize for my late arrival, but I got here as fast as the gargoyles could carry me."

He chuckles and pats his blue, protuberant abdomen, "They seem to fly slower these days for some reason."

He walks slowly forward, placing his hand on the blue wrapped object. "When we learned that miscreants had come to Sharn, from our homeland none the less, we moved to neutralize them. Those two," he gestures to the sky, "will be questioned."

GM: The battle is over, please feel free to talk with Cavallah. If you want to make any knowledge check rolls, go ahead.


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Venakhad glances at the demonic creature, his mental voice reaching into it's mind.
"There are plenty of threats to civilized nations on Eberron. We don't need your thanks to do what needs to be done. Still, thank you for your help, bringing that harpy down helped some."

Now that he doesn't have to worry about charging gnolls the priest kneels next to the bundle and starts unwrapping it in earnest.


kal'Tarron nods at the creature, restraining his urge to attack such a thing. Instead he turns to his rituals of victory - cleaning the blood from his axe with the pinkish stained edges of his robes. The blood on his face is ignored.

kal'Tarron is in for a follow up...
If I'm reading my sheet right, I've got n+4, n+2, n+1 and n parcels available... where n=6 right now, hopefully 7 at the end of this adventure...


GM: Well, I would like to keep up the dialogue with Cavallah to help clear up any points or questions you may have. It will transition to the treasure part of the adventure better. ;)

However, I think I have the xp figured out thus far, so if someone wouldn't mind checking my math, here is what I have for xp.

[sblock=XP Summary]

Obsidium Rules Skill Challenge:

Level 8 Skill Challenge level 8 x7 2450xp 350 xp each

Fight 1:
Rolf the Butcher level 8 elite brute 700 xp
Cultist Thug level 8 skirm x 2 700 xp
Drow Swashbuckler level 8 skirm x 2 700 xp
Cultist Thug level 8 minion x 3 264 xp

Fight 1 Total 2364 xp (x2, /7) 675 xp each

Fight 2:
Red Marjorie level 10 elite 1000 xp
Doppleganger Assassin level 8 lurker x 2 700 xp
Veteran Assassin level 8 skirm x 2 700 xp
Death Squad Assassin level 8 lurker x2 700 xp
Razorclaw Stalker level 7 skirm x2 600 xp

Fight 2 Total 3700 xp (x2, /7) 1057 xp each

Fight 3:
Shadow Troll level 10 elite 1000 xp
Troll Shade level 11 minion x 4 600 xp
Gnoll Gorger level 7 brute x 2 600 xp
Gnoll Claw Fighter level 8 skirm x 5 1750 xp
Gnoll Far Fang level 8 art x 2 700 xp
Harpy level 6 contr x 2 500 xp

Fight 3 Total 5150 xp (x2, /7) 1471 xp each

Adventure Total XP per character: 3553 xp

Total RP: 7 RP’s each