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Avatar 2: Way of Water ... the PRE-POLL (Are you interested?)

Will you be seeing the new Avatar movie (Way of Water) in the Theaters?

  • 1. YES!

    Votes: 13 21.3%
  • 2. NO!

    Votes: 45 73.8%
  • 3. I would be a yes, but I don't go to theaters since the Pandemic.

    Votes: 3 4.9%
  • 4. I am boycotting this movie because I love Papyrus.

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Poll closed .


Golden Procrastinator
I'm interested. I am trying to organize a viewing with some friends; I have recruited two so far. In Italy it is coming out on the 14th.

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Yes, but without the capitals and the exclaimation mark. Though I am not that fond of the strong water theme the trailer suggests. The Avatar didn't seem to be aquatic before, it feels a bit weird. But I guess it could be another impressive artistic creation of an alien worldscape, and the previous movie basically just created a serviceable even if unoriginal plot as vehicle for a wonderful alien worldscape, so maybe it works out. But I guess I'll read some reviews first. These days in visual action spectacles you're kinda lucky if the story doesn't have holes large enough for blue whales, and if it's too dumb, all the visuals in the world can't save it, IMO.


I still haven't seen Avatar, have no real interest in seeing it, and so have no plans to see the sequel. Which is weird because I like Cameron. I still havent' seen Titanic.


CR 1/8
I voted "NO!", but really just wanted to vote "nah."
Tbh, the only thing I remember about the first one was that it wasn't especially memorable. I'll get around to watching it one day, just not stoked about seeing it in a theater.


Three hours and twelve minutes of a franchise I don't care about?! Hell no! I might have mustered curiosity for like a two hours movie but Jimmy can shove off with his British TV show length movie.

No, I didn't see the first Avatar in theaters and won't see the second. I will, however, watch it when it comes to streaming on a service I already subscribe to, or barring that, on disc through Netflix.

I saw the first on TV, it was enough. I don't think a sequel will make me want to go to the theater to see it before it's available from the comfort of my own home. So it's not a resouding "NO!" but a "meh". I could join a group of friend absolutely intent on seeing it.

Also, I predict we'll get 4 films, the next one being the Road of Fire and the Path of Earth.


Mod Squad
Staff member
So, I'm not seeking out this film. If my friends put together a social engagement around seeing it, then I am on board. Otherwise, I'll wait until it hits a streaming service.


He'll flip ya...Flip ya for real...
I didnt see the original in the theater, I saw it on stream. I didnt think much of it. I was told it was because I didnt see it in 3D. So, I suppose if had the chance I could see the sequel in the theater for the best experience of it. Though, its been so many years I'm just over it.

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