D&D 5E Aztec Style City Maps


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So, im presently running a 5th Ed Greyhawk game. The players are about to enter the Lost City of the Suloise. I was thinking of making the area an Aztec style ruined city.

To that end does anyone have or know of a good Aztec style map or floor plans?

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or you could go with the original


Look up the Tekumel setting. It has an assortment of city maps and artwork for its (partially) Mesoamerican-inspired setting.


[MENTION=6847232]Fiendish73[/MENTION]: if you're still on the hunt for Aztec-style maps, you should check out the D&D Map Folio II by Todd Gamble. It was published by WotC back in 2004 for 3.5, and it contains numerous maps that ooze with Aztec flavor. If nothing else, you can probably find the PDF for cheap and is worth it just for inspiration.


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If you cannot find enough Aztec, you can look up Maya. Some Mayan ruins are tourist attractions today (in Mexico and Guatemala), so you have more sources to discover and look through.

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