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WotC Bargle's Guide to Mystara

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Flicker the Flareon

Champion of Alola
We also need Mordenkainen's Guide to Greyhawk. And about Mystara, why not just make it "Traveler's Guide to Mystara"? You don't need to look it up and see if the NPC in the title is alive or anything.

The Glen

If you're going to do the book with him as the author, you would need to make his side bars filled with the most obnoxious, biased and egregiously false claims that you could fit in there. Just to make people hate him more. And keeping with tradition every piece of art of him has to be done by a different artist and look nothing like any of the other versions of him even in the same book. He should never look the same way twice.

Next up is the Empire of Alphatia, ruled by the lusty and voluptuous Empress Eriadna. We totally banged.

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