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Battlefield 1, The Division or Ghost Recon Wildlands?


I've played the open beta for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands and am currently trying out the free trials for both Battlefield 1 and Tom Clancy's The Division, all on my PC. I like them enough that if I had enough money, I'd buy all three of them. :)

But alas, I currently only have enough money for one of them for now and am at an impasse as to which one to choose.

To add a bit of info: I really enjoy single-player campaigns. I also enjoy co-op (preferably either with friends or with bots, but sometimes with PUG's as well). I'm not really into PvP.

So which one would you recommend and why? :confused:


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Wildlands sounds like the best option for you then. Strong co-op and singleplayer component.

Battlefield is really light on single-player. While fun, you'll probably finish the campaign in under six hours.

As for the Division. Conceptually it's really cool. But from what I hear, it's quite a grind without much variation in types of missions.


As a BF fanboy...


But seriously...
BF1 is great. I have some quibbles and there's a bit of the game I think they didn't really handle right.

The Division is pretty cool.

Ghost Recon looks cool, my friend liked the beta.

So yeah... I'm no help.

Edit: yeah... maybe BF1 isn't up your alley. The campaign is neat but short and then it's all PvP all the time.

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Thank you Joker and cmad1977. :)

I've recently been told that later levels of The Division become more PvP heavy, so I'll pass on buying it for now.

I've decided to go with Ghost Recon Wildlands as my full-game purchase for now, but will still keep playing the Battlefield 1 free trial until I'm no longer allowed to. I'm totally enjoying the BF1 single-player campaign thus far and will try to buy the game as soon as I can. :)



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I think that Battlefield 1 is better to play as a single player. The Division is pretty good too. But I prefer to play BF1 and when I want to relax a bit I play some small games on http://www.friv5online.com/ . By the way I have heard that new Resident Evil 7 is cool too.
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Strahd Von Zarovich was allegedly the first Vampire and the Dark Lord of the Ravenloft Barovia. The Division is pretty good too. But I prefer to play BF1 and when I want to relax a bit I play some small games on http://basketballgames.io/

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