You Can Pick Your Nose, and Pick Your Attorney, But Don't Pick Your Attorney's Nose


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Thanks, all. I just started poking around and found my state's bar page. It's got a searchable database that allows filtering by city, type of legal assistance sought, credentials, and so forth. (You can even specifically search for dead lawyers, if that's your thing.)

Looks like the returned lists can still be pretty long, depending, but it's definitely a lot more focused than just googling.
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But how do you generate that list of relevant prospective lawyers to vet in the first place?
Sometimes, Bar Associations will refer you to specialists in a relevant specialty, but they’re unlikely to recommend anyone in particular. They also won’t recommend known problems or newbies. FWIW, most Bar associations also publish a list of reprimands, suspensions and disbarments on a monthly basis.

You can also ask attorneys you know (or found online/in the phone book) for a recommendation.


As part of their benefits package, many employers in the United States offer what's called an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Most people think of the EAP as a place they might find short term mental health care in the form of counseling, but they are often able to refer you to legal specialist if you need assistance in that area. i.e. Maybe you need a divorce lawyer or someone to help you settle an estate. The EAP may be able to refer you to attorneys in your area.


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I now feel inspired to go do some crimes, just so to have a go at vetting some lawyers.
Thanks, Snarf!
Easier to get yourself sued. Terrible for the pocket book and blood pressure but you aren't putting your freedom (or life) at stake.
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So true! That last little bit doesn't apply to all of you. :p

"Truly, lawyers are just bards with a cultured facade of usefulness."

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For the curious, bored, and, of course, the masochists among you ... I posted the second in the series.


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