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I'm looking for assistance once again with a combat tradition. This combat tradition is intended to help martial classes with an archetype that grants an animal companion (currently only the ranger) do more to work with their animal companion, to help the two feel like a complementary fighting unit.

First of all, I am not aware of anywhere in the core rulebooks that provides advice on how to determine what degree a maneuver should be or how much exertion it should cost. I have read through the combat traditions and it gives me a loose idea of relative power levels for different degrees, but, as of this moment, I still feel that degree power differences are a bit more arbitrary than spell level power differences.
Second of all, I am also not aware of any advice on how many combat maneuvers should be in a tradition. I currently have 20 in rough draft, but, reading through the AG, it appears that most or all traditions only have 15. Maybe this question is more directed toward the designers than anyone else whether that's intended as a hard-and-fast rule or just a guideline.

Anyway, if you would rather look at specifics to get a better idea of what I'm referring to, here is the tradition in rough draft:

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