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Bebilith Rend Armor

When the bebilith hits with both its claw attacks, it rends the armor; dealing damage to it. I want to make sure I understand this ability correctly since my party will be fighting one soon. When the Bebilith rends, hardness applies. Right?

The ability does not state that it ignores hardness, unlike a Babau's slime. But with hardness applying, the ability suddenly doesn't seem as frightening.

Help me, enworld! My google-fu has failed me!

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Shin Okada

I interpret it as being subject to hardness.

Me too. With 4d6+18 damage, a Bebilith can still damage armors with high enhancement bonus or made of Adamantine. I think it is enough. IIRC, an attack which may break items should not be that strong, as it will seriously irritate players.

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