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Besides RPGs and Video Games, What Do You Do For Fun?

That is BY FAR the coolest pedal I've ever seen. Literally something out of my dreams. I must have one...
Not sure where one would get a Lord Soth at this point, but it looks like you can still get a Demogorgon:

This ones funny too. Dont own it but got a kick out of it.View attachment 290164

Hahahah, I love when people just make an effects pedal half as a joke.

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I had not...that is surreal but clever!
There’s a couple of demo vids done by one guy who paired it with other stuff, including a Rainbow Machine from EQD. I’ll post them in the Electric Bard thread because they are hilarious.

Edit: just found out the guy took them down.🙁
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Chores (includes cooking) while listening to podcasts
Boardgame/cardgame night - we record all games on an excel spreadsheet

But more recently...

Having my sister & hubby over for supper + watching the Wimbledon final.
OMG Djoko vs Alcaraz deserves its own thread!!!


I had a better post but windows blows and seems like it kicked me out. This is my pride in joy. Designed in Mexico but built in Indonesia. Its a Sweetwater exclusive, weight a ton, I swapped out all the pickups for HotRails, it really is a sight to behold...I call her...Weed-O-Caster!!


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