"Better TV/Movies Than They Have Any Right To Be"

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And on screen, it would look exactly like something a cosplayer put together in a day or two. Also, 1985.

Special effects are an art.

This. Also, film makers usually hire a special effects company to make such a suit. But there may be production delays for any reason, or the completed suit may not be good enough, forcing a redesign, or the hiring of a different studio entirely. Scheduling film shoots is a logistic nightmare. Making a werewolf suit that doesn't look like a suit, with fur that doesn't look like fake fur, and complex animatronics is a difficult task.

One of my favourite werewolf designs remains the one from the movie Bad Moon. It has one of the worst transformation effects of any werewolf movie, but the suit looks amazing.

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How about Thunderbolt Fantasy? A glove-puppet show made in 2016 by masters of the craft from Taiwan written by a Japanese writer responsible for the Fate franchise, and with character design influenced by the Nendoroid company is somehow an AMAZING wuxia franchise?! And can be ridiculously bloody?!

It's mindblowingly good and way more straightforward than Uroboshi's other works. You could easily mine that first season for a DnD adventure, for exemple...

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