Beyond the Rerisen Tower(DM Iron Sky, Judge: renau1g)

Iron Sky

Procedurally Generated
GM: So, one for scouting, one for pressing on. Anyone else?

Also, I had a request from a player with a Deva Invoker 4 to join the game. I'll leave it up to you guys whether you want/are ok with an 8th player joining the group. If you don't want to post publicly, feel free to PM me with what you think.
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OOC: Kaz can scout if the party wishes, either way. (So I am a novote I guess ;))

I'm fine with the invoker joining, as long as 8 is not too many for you.


Toeto looks upwards to the tower nervously. She starts to speak, stops for a few seconds, and then continues.

"I, um... can we go... through the woods? I mean, it would be better to have cover as we approach. From arrows." She falls in behind Eithal hoping she will agree, but Toeto is willing to follow her whichever path she ends up taking.

OOC: I'm okay with taking another player. Iron Sky seems to enforce 48 hour posting pretty well, so I'm not worried about the game slowing down.

Also, 1000th post. Yay.


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"If we simply must run into whatever trap these creatures have set for us, I agree that the woods would be preferable," says Scarmiglione. "But others know the area better than I."

OOC: I have a slightly selfish objection to another player--it's that Ren was floating the idea of starting another level 3-ish or 4-ish adventure, and nearly all of the available characters of that level are defenders, of which Papolstaanas is one; and if that happens, the group will need as many non-defenders as possible. I say it's slightly selfish, because there are so many defenders that Papolstaanas is unlikely to get a spot in a new adventure anyway.

But I have no really meaningful objections to an 8th.

And it looks like this holy water is destined to be sold at 20%. Maybe if IronSky puts it in a GM box someone will actually take it.


OOC: I'm OK with another player. Heck if Mal can many? Anyway, surely we can handle an eighth.
"Ah reckon thayat the wooods ah a maht bit safah, if'n we awl stick togayethah." Seeing that she's a bit late with her opinion, Eithal sits on a rock and waits for the others to come to some consensus.

Iron Sky

Procedurally Generated
With general agreement leaning towards the path in the woods, the group branches off the switchbacks and soon finds itself walking through a gloomy forest, thick with tangling undergrowth and a chill, unnatural fog that seems to pull the warmth right from the bones.

The militia mutter and cast worried looks around, bunching up close to each other and the group.

After traveling for an unknown amount of time - too long it seems - it becomes clear to the group that this way will be considerably slower than the switchbacks. With the denseness of the foliage and the surprisingly thick mists, it quickly becomes clear that even the way back to the switchbacks has been lost...

GM: Time for a skill challenge.

First thing is for the group to decide whether they are trying to find their way to the tower or back to the switchback. Finding the switchback again will be easier, but will have the disadvantage of placing you right back where you started.

I'm trying out a custom skill challenge system, so don't worry about DCs, just use which ever skill seems most appropriate, one roll per player per round. High rolls are still more beneficial than low ones. The longer (more rounds of rolls) it takes you to complete the challenge means it takes longer in-game to complete and there may be other complications as well(especially if anyone rolls a natural 1).

You can use any skill that seems appropriate to the action you wish to undertake. You can aid another as much as you wish(remember Aid DC is 10+1/2 level and failure imposes a -1 penalty instead of +2 bonus), but the skill challenge will take more time, and you aren't sure you want to spend too long in this mist...

[sblock=Journal Entry 6]This entry is dated the day following the last dated entry. One corner of the page appears to be slightly singed.

Gods, they came through the palisade and took Cooper while he was out tending the horses. He screamed the whole time they were dragging him back into the forest and I could only look out my arrow slit in terror and watch. I don't even know what they were, just shapes in the dark...

Captain Cale is the only one who appears unconcerned, but I can sense the tension beneath the calm face he's presenting. I think he's almost as scared as the rest of us, he just won't show it. He said tomorrow morning we send Tardik back to Daunton for reinforcements. I almost wish it was me he was sending, but two days on the road, alone, with
that out there, whatever it is? I doubt I have the courage.

Meanwhile, he says he's going to lead a patrol into the woods to "show whoever it is that we won't just sit back - we'll take the fight to them!" If any Gods are listening or reading this, please don't let him pick me for the mission. Even during the day today, I swore I could see
things moving in the shadows, just out of daylight's touch. Worse, I knew they were watching me - the feeling of being watched persists even now, surrounded by half-a-dozen of my sleepless fellows around the crackling blaze of a fire that does little to dispel the gloom inside the tower.

Can't even sleep. Every time I doze off, I'm in the same nightmare, clawing through the woods to the tower, the words inside my head like claws etching on the sides of my brain.

Why did I ever volunteer for this? Gods, why?
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Fredrock mutters At least the path would have been clear on the switchback. Damn this mist, can't see a thing worthwhile. No sense in turning back now, we must press on to the tower.
Fredrock puts up his shield, Don't think I'll need this against this mist!

OOC: I'm for not turning back. (also a 8the player is ok with me)

[sblock=endurance] Fredrock uses endurance to keep up the pace while marching thru the mist. +14 due to not wielding the shield..16 check.not doing it so well :) [/sblock]


Fredrock Hammersmith - Male Dwarf Battlemind, level 3
Passive Perception: +15, Passive Insight: +20 Senses: Low-Light
Init +0, Speed:5
AC:21, Fort:16, Reflex:16, Will:18
HP 41/45, Bloodied:22, Surge Value:11, Surges left:11/13
Action Points: 1/1, Power points 4/4
:close:Battlemind Demand link
:melee:Mind Spike link
Blurred Step link
:melee:Bull's Strength link
:melee:Iron Fist link
:melee:Mist Weapon link
Second Wind link
Battle Resilience link
:close:Telepathic Challenge link
:melee:Aspect of Elevated Harmony link

Item powers
deathscarred boon link
Dwarven Scale armor link

:melee:MBA +7 vs AC, 1d10+4 (brutal 2)
:ranged:RBA -0 vs AC, 1d4-1 (improvised..would have to pick up a rock or something)
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OOC: I just PMed [MENTION=54810]renau1g[/MENTION] to see if/when he will start.

Don't worry Dekana, I won't slow you down. And this seems just up deva's alley with lots of undead and necrotic damage (and his own radiant attacks) :)

You might even roleplay slight deja-vu...along with Kaz, who knows how many deva meets over their lifetimes...

Thanks for the vote of confidence.


Toeto says softly, "The injured land is rejecting us. Driving us away. It just means we are getting closer." Is that wishful thinking? Even if it's true, that sounds pretty awful.

The lizardfolk has spent her entire life in thick wooded areas. She observes the surrounding vegetation and animal life and tries to decide which direction the tower is more likely to be in. (Nature 19)


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Seeing his companions' steps falter and slow in the gathering mists, Salgyn frowns and ponders for a moment. "Byetter if ve all had horse, yes? But, still ve can move fast like horse."

Pulling out his horse-headed lute, Salgyn flips it over and begins to beat out a steady rhythm on the back of it, producing a surprisingly resonant sound. He then calls out, "Suurgan! Great steed of winds! Guide our steps quickly along treacherous path."

The half-elf then begins to chant in a deep and resonant voice, and as the chanting continues you feel a faint breeze stir around your feet, making each footstep lighter and faster:

[ame=""]Chant to the Windhorse[/ame]

OOC: In place of a skill check this turn, Salgyn will spend his one free daily usage of the Traveler's Chant ritual. The whole party can now move at the speed of the slowest member +2 (I'm guessing 7 squares rather than 5) for the next 8 hours. Hopefully that'll pick up the pace through the forest and help us get to the tower quicker!


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