D&D 5E Bigby Presents Glory of the Giants Up for Preorder on D&D Beyond


The big missed chance for me here is the lack of Large PC options. Why can't I play an Ogre...?

The biggest gameplay issue with Ogre is they are large (but so is Centaur and Minotaur if they are not PCs). Large PCs would present some challanges I think and the designers don't want them.

FWIW I have played a "Half-Ogre" using "custom lineage" template from Tashas.

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Digital Only: Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants Digital Pre-order

Digital and Physical Combo: Bigby Presents Glory of the Giants Physical + Digital Bundle

I don't see a release date mentioned.

Edited to add: Looks like the release date is August 15, according to These Are Dungeons & Dragons' New Products For 2023
Any ideas on the 8 new feats?

I am about to start a 1-20 campaign in 6 days and the DM uses all official material. I want to be able to plan my Death Cleric/Bladesinger Wizard build for any good feats.

Any ideas on the 8 new feats?
Guessing from the list of feats in the Wonders of the Multiverse UA (which included reprints and updates from the prior Giants UA), probably a selection of these:
  • Rune Carver Apprentice - 1st
  • Rune Carver Adept - 4th
  • Strike of the Giants - 1st
  • Ember of the Fire Giant - 4th
  • Fury of the Frost Giant - 4th
  • Guile of the Cloud Giant - 4th
  • Keenness of the Stone Giant - 4th
  • Soul of the Storm Giant - 4th
  • Vigor of the Hill Giant - 4th
Maybe rolling the Rune Carver feats into a single feat or dropping Strike of the Giants as a prerequisite for the various "X of the Y Giant" feats...
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Any ideas on the 8 new feats?
There are basically two sets, tying into the Giant Foundling and Runecrafter backgrounds. Similar to the Dragonlance feats. I suspect they are only level 1 and level 4 though. The level 8 feats made it too skill-treeish.
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the Incomparably Shrewd and Clever
So I still can't get over the fact that a book on Giants has the title of a humanoid Wizard. Why didn't they use a Giant, like Zepheris (sp?) glory of the giants?
Yes! I would have expected something like King Snurre, Jarl Grugnar, or Chief Nosnra (or even Queen Frupy!).

Huh. Just noticed Nosnra backwards is Arnson. A dig at Dave Arneson? Am I late to the party realizing this? :unsure:

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