D&D 5E Bigby Presents Glory of the Giants Up for Preorder on D&D Beyond

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This book (Glory of the Giants) just became available for pre-order at one of my favourite - and most affordable - LGSs in Canada. Initially thought I would get this book in hardcopy, as I do all my RPG books... but the reality of the price increase just hit (a whopping 25%!). And now, I'm not so excited anymore, especially given the middling quality of WotC books (strictly my opinion, of course). Maybe the price increase will be good for stopping my RPG (or at the very least WotC ) book addiction dead in its tracks. I might put Planescape and the Book of Many Things on my Xmas list, but don't think I'll be buying them with my own money. And for the time being, other publishers (Free League, Chaosium) are putting out better quality products, with higher page counts, for better prices. That said, I know it's only a matter of time until their prices increase, too.

Never thought I'd say it, but the market is finally pricing me out. I've been buying RPGs since the 1980s (and have a sizeable collection as it is), but I draw my limit at CAD $60 for what I consider "standard" RPG books... and that's pushing it (I've been unemployed for a long while). I've no desire to sign up for digital subscriptions, so that's that. My wife will be delighted!

I feel sad for the indie game retailers, though.
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