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D&D 5E Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants

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Stone Giant of Evil Earth
Alignment: usually neutral good?
Goliath Chef (medium)


That’s a boxed set of premium miniatures. The 42 miniature Icons of the Realms set might include some of the same sculpts in different paint jobs tho.
Not quite: they have these listed as part of the 42 and then the first 5 (no death giant) also listed as repaints for the boxed set.


Lost in Dark Sun
Well, I’d like to see the following giants as found in various other D&D settings/subsettings:

DARK SUN (probably won’t happen, but I can still dream)
  • Beasthead Giants
  • Shadow Giants

  • Desert Giants
  • Jungle Giants

  • Death Giants

This is coming out at an ideal time for our campaign. Party is still currently in the middle of SKT and have investigated 3 sites so far (hill giant den, stone giant cairn and the cloud giant castle).

So hope it's good and enriches the World of Giants in interesting ways.

It would be extremely weird (but also on-brand) for them to ignore the best thing to happen to giants in the fantasy space in decades.
We both know its not going to happen!

But if they had rules for me climbing god dang Fire Giant Ultra God and hitting specific points on its body to remove chunks of HP while dodging its attacks and it trying to shake me off and shoving me through god dang mountains and stuff as I scrabble to hide in its burning armor so I can stab a gorgeous tattoo of the Fire God hidden under its shoulder piece, I'd be THRILLED.
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A suffusion of yellow
Um page 271 of the DMG already have rules for grappling huge creatures and then treating them as difficult terrain? Advantage to hit a weak spot?

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