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Welcome to the Blackmoor Collector's Guide!

This is one of a series of Echohawk's D&D Collector's Guides, each of which aims to provide a comprehensive guide to D&D products published for a particular setting or era of the game. This particular guide focuses on the Blackmoor campaign setting.

Blackmoor was originally the personal setting of Dave Arneson, and donated its name to the second D&D supplement published, way back in 1975. Since then, it has a rather schizophrenic existence, becoming both part of Greyhawk and an integral part of the history of the Known World (Mystara). In the d20 era, the setting enjoyed a revival, with a number of new products and a series of "massively multiplayer role playing game" adventures.

This was the thirteenth installment when the Collector's Guides were first published. The original thread for this Collector's Guide is here.

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[h=1]Original D&D products[/h]

[h=2]D&D supplements[/h]
Supplement II: Blackmoor (September 1975)

[h=2]Judges Guild products[/h]
The First Fantasy Campaign (1977)
The First Fantasy Campaign Maps (1977)

[h=1]BECMI D&D game products[/h]

DA1: Adventures in Blackmoor (October 1986)
DA2: Temple of the Frog (December 1986, PDF)
DA3: City of the Gods (March 1987)
DA4: The Duchy of Ten (June 1987)

[h=1]d20 game products[/h]

[h=2]Campaign setting[/h]
Dave Arneson's Blackmoor (hardcover version 2004)
Dave Arneson's Blackmoor (softcover version 2006)
The Player's Guide to Blackmoor (2006)

[h=2]Other books[/h]
The Wizards Cabal (2005)
The Redwood Scar (2006)
The Dungeons of Castle Blackmoor (2006)
Temple of the Frog (2006)
Riders of Hak (2007)
Clock and Steam (2007)
City of the Gods (2008)

[h=1]D&D 4th Edition products[/h]

[h=2]4th edition compatible[/h]
Dave Arneson's Blackmoor: The First Campaign (2009)

[h=1]Other material[/h]

[h=2]Magazine articles[/h]
The Domesday Book 13, p6, Facts About Blackmoor (July 1972)
Different Worlds Magazine 42, Garbage Pits of Despair Part 1: The Slave Raiders (May 1986)
Different Worlds Magazine 43, Garbage Pits of Despair Part 2: The Dragon Hills (July 1986)
Dragon 315, p84, Guardians of the Docrae (January 2004)

[h=2]Web articles and downloads[/h]
Blackmoor Alien Devices
Return to the Temple of the Frog (February 2007)


[h=2]Lance & Laser miniatures[/h]
LL04000: Toska Rusa (limited edition)
LL04001: Afridhi Warriors
LL04004: Ash Goblins
LL04005: Ash Goblin Wolf Riders
LL04008: Beastmen
LL04009: Thouls

[h=1]Organized play[/h]

[h=2]Blackmoor MMRPG episodes[/h]

Season 1
1: The ComeBack Inn (DA01)
2: A Night Out Under the Stars? (DA02)
3: Redwood Distraction (WC01)
4: Blood Wind (RP01)
5: The Redwood Scar (WC02)
6: Losing Focus (FS-01)
7: Swamp Flies (AI01)
8: The Unwanted (DT01)
9: Innuendo (FS02)
10: Dungeons of Castle Blackmoor (Special01)
11: Mere Flight (AI02)
12: The Oktagern Affair (DT02)
13: Mountain Madness (FS03)
14: Tower of Salt (RP-02)
15: Stolen Kisses
16: Funeral For a Hero
17: Secrets and Lies

Season 2
18: Kissing Day
19: A Matter of Perspective
20: Sorcerer's Tomb
21: Spirit of the Moon
22: You Shall Know Them by Their Deeds
23: Sign of the Arcanum
24: Just Business
25: Wrongs Darker than Death or Night
26: Lessons
27: Scaled Vengeance
28: Left and Disappeared
29: An Inevitable Confrontation
30: Blackmoor Wives Club
31: Mountain of Madness: Second Course
32: Eyes of the Truth
33: Fly Paper
34: The Temple of The Frog
35: All the Egg's Men
36: Important Discovery
37: Contagion
38: Equal Night
39: A Game of Skill
40: In the Company of Rogues
41: Revival
42: The Confectionary King
43: Look to the Hills
44: Things to Come
45: Communication Breakdown

Season 3
46: Cry at Dawn
47: The Night of Goss
48: King's Day
49: Heroes on Ice
50: Prey
51: Portents
52: Root of All Evil
53: What Lies Beneath
54: Crab Coast Clash
55: Tales from the Old Land
57: Renewal
59: Shadow in the Dark
60: Riddles and Crossroads
61: The Siege!
62: Where Angels Fear to Tred
63: Bug Hunt
64: Of Greed and Rainbows
65: Small Problems
66: Trouble for Noble Hearts
67: Into the Lightless Depths
68: Big Trouble

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