Blade Runner: The Next Million Dollar Kickstarter?

Free League's Blade Runner Kickstarter has just launched, and is tearing through stretch goals after funding in just 3 minutes. It looks very likely that this will be the company's second million dollar Kickstarter (following last year's The One Ring campaign, which raised over $2M). It will also be the third million dollar Kickstarter in the last month, following Matt Colville's Flee Mortals!, and Monte Cook Games' Old Gods of Appalachia.

Blade Runner was voted the Most Anticipated TTRPG of 2022 by readers of EN World right here.

Free League's other million dollar Kickstarter, The One Ring, did $521K on the first day and finished with $2M. Compared to the other million dollar campaigns in the last few weeks --
  • Flee Mortals! did $788K on the first day.
  • Old Gods of Appalachia did $679K on the first day.
  • Only one campaign has done $1M+ on day 1, and that was Avatar Legends with $1.15M on the first day.


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Very nice analysis, aramis erak. But while I agree that there is a similar dilemma in Traveller, I think the situation in YZE games is quite different: firstly, because in Traveller, attribute deterioration onset is much "later" and can be mitigated by anagathics; secondly, because there is almost no (or at least very slow) progress for skill values in Traveller, whereas it is quite easy to raise skills (and talents) in the YZE games I know (Blade Runner, Coriolis, Forbidden Lands, Vaesen) while attributes stay fixed. I have yet to see a player that is into character optimization chose an older starting age in any of the YZE campaign games I have played.

So, for a oneshot, I'd readily agree with you assessment. But for a longer campaign, where skill increases are a thing, I still think higher attributes are way better.

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During the Kickstarter, I thought one of the designers said that they didn't plan on having replicants who didn't know they were replicants because Rachel was a special one-time-only case. She wouldn't be all that special if you had a bunch of games with characters who were unknowingly replicants.

Yeah, well... :giggle:

That's what the people in power tell Deckard.

However, the other cop leaves Deckard a message that he knows he's dreaming about random unicorns.

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