Here Are The 10 Most Anticipated Tabletop RPGs of 2022

After thousands of votes, we now have our annual list of most anticipated tabletop RPGs for the coming year. As I do every year, I recently took nominations for the most anticipated tabletop RPGs for the coming year, and then opened the floor to voting. Here are this year's winners - the most anticipated tabletop RPGs of 2021!

Previous winners include 13th Age (2013), Star Wars Force & Destiny (2015), Rifts for Savage Worlds (2016), Trudvang Chronicles (2017), Vampire: the Masquerade 5th Edition (2018), Savage Worlds Adventure Edition (2019), Dune: Adventures in the Imperium (2020, joint 2021), and Twilight 2000 (joint 2021). Who will join their ranks this year? Read on to find out!

10. Werewolf: The Apocalypse 5E (Renegade Studios)
Screen Shot 2022-01-02 at 12.57.54 PM.png
Werewolf: The Apocalypse as we are envisioning it today is a storytelling game about radical solutions that explore an environmental apocalypse where a range of injustices provoke urgency and violence. It’s a game about tearing apart your enemies… and living with the repercussions. It also is a game that explores the differences between people and the mutual sacrifices made to effect — or endure — global consequences. To frame this story in the most exciting way possible, while also being respectful to the various cultures portrayed in the game, means we are taking extra time to ensure that it delivers the best experience for everyone.

9. Swords of the Serpentine (Pelgrane Press)
Screen Shot 2022-01-02 at 12.59.25 PM.png
A sword & sorcery game of daring heroism, sly politics, and bloody savagery, set in a fantasy city rife with skullduggery & death. The adapted GUMSHOE investigative roleplaying system creates a fantasy RPG with a focus on high-action roleplaying & investigation. Swords was on this list at #6 in 2020.

8. Cy-Borg (Stockholm Kartell)
Screen Shot 2022-01-02 at 1.00.58 PM.png
A nano-infested doomsday RPG about cybernetic punks and misfits raging against a relentless corporate hell. A MÖRK BORG hack by Christian Sahlén and Johan Nohr of Stockholm Kartell.

7. Shadow of the Weird Wizard (Schwalb Entertainment)
A family friendly version of Rob Schwalb's popular Shadow of the Demon Lord roleplaying game.

6. Rivers of London (Chaosium)
At #7 on this list in 2020, and #6 in 2021, this is Rivers of London's third appearance on this list! Based on the novels by Ben Aaronovitch, and powered by a customized version of the Basic Roleplaying System, the Rivers of London series follows an ordinary constable turned magician’s apprentice, as he solves crimes across London in a sensational blend of inventive urban fantasy, gripping mystery thriller, and hilarious fantasy caper.

5. Mothership 1E (Tuesday Night Games)
Screen Shot 2022-01-02 at 1.12.23 PM.png
Welcome to Mothership, the award-winning sci-fi horror tabletop RPG where you and your crew try to survive in the most inhospitable environment in the universe: outer space! You’ll excavate dangerous derelict spacecraft, explore strange unknown worlds, encounter hostile alien life and examine the horrors encroaching upon your every move.

4. Avatar Legends (Magpie Games)
Screen Shot 2022-01-02 at 1.17.10 PM.png
Powered by the biggest tabletop RPG Kickstarter in history! Join your friends in a unique opportunity to return to a beloved setting—this time as the heroes of the story! Rising to meet their destiny, players will make characters using playbooks—templates that help players build and play compelling protagonists in the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra.

In Avatar Legends: The RPG, you and your friends might protect local merchants from the Triple Threat Triad in Republic City, travel through a spirit portal to rescue a child taken into the Spirit World, negotiate peace between feuding communities within the Earth Kingdom, or pursue mysteries (and villains) that arise throughout their adventures!

3. Pendragon 6E (Chaosium)
Screen Shot 2022-01-02 at 1.18.18 PM.png
A new edition of the Pendragon RPG is coming! The intention of this series of design journals by Pendragon line editor David Larkins is to trace the path of development, starting in the early 1980s and culminating with the forthcoming new edition of the Pendragon RPG, which will be first to be wholly published by Chaosium in a quarter-century. Pendragon was on list list at #4 last year.

2. Broken Tales (The World Anvil Publishing)
Screen Shot 2022-01-02 at 1.20.15 PM.png
Broken Tales reinterprets traditional fairytales through a dark lens, upending their premises. Players belong to the Order, a secret group operating on behalf of the Papacy, whose duty is to investigate events and threats beyond human understanding. An eerie 18th century Europe becomes the background for these unusual heroes – villains from various fairytales, now acting as protagonists in the new reality shaped by the Child Saviour.

1. Blade Runner (Free League)
Screen Shot 2022-01-02 at 1.21.14 PM.png
The official Blade Runner RPG will propel players into the streets of Los Angeles as Blade Runners with unique specialties, personalities – and memories.

The core game and its line of expansions will push the boundaries of investigative gameplay in tabletop RPGs, giving players a range of tools to solve an array of cases far beyond retiring Replicants. Beyond the core casework, the RPG will both in setting and mechanics showcase key themes of Blade Runner – sci-fi action, corporate intrigue, existential character drama, and moral conflict – that challenge players to question your friends, empathize with your enemies, and explore the poisons and perseverance of hope and humanity during such inhumane times.

The rules of the game are based on the acclaimed Year Zero Engine, used in award-winning games such as the ALIEN RPG, Tales From the Loop and Forbidden Lands, but further developed and uniquely tailored for Blade Runner.

And so congratulations to Free League -- the most anticipated tabletop RPG of 2022 is officially the Bladerunner roleplaying game! Free League won last year too, in joint first place, with Twilight 2000 and 3rd place with The One Ring 2nd Edition.

Honourable mentions go to Transformers (Renegade Game Studios), DCC Dying Earth (Goodman Games), Tales of Xadia (Fandom), and Salvage Union (Leyline Press).


13th Age
Star Wars Force & Destiny
Rifts for Savage Worlds
Trudvang Chronicles
Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition
Savage Worlds Adventure Edition
Deluxe Exalted 3rd Edition
Mutant Crawl Classics
Tales from the Loop
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Fourth Edition
Pathfinder 2nd Edition
Vaesen - Nordic Horror Roleplaying
Star Wars Edge of the Empire
Unified Rolemaster
7th Sea 2nd Edition
Kult: Divinity Lost
Kult: Divinity Lost
Lex Arcana
Cyberpunk Red
The One Ring (2nd Edition)
Shadowrun 5th Edition
Conan Adventures In An Age Undreamed Of
Conan Adventures In An Age Undreamed Of
Star Trek Adventures
Forbidden Lands: Retro Open-World Survival Fantasy RPG
The Expanse
King Arthur Pendragon 6th Edition
Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition
Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls
DCC Lankhmar
Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of
RuneQuest: Role-playing in Glorantha
Eclipse Phase 2nd Edition
Warhammer: Age of Sigmar: Soulbound
Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition (A5E)
Barbarians of Lemuria: Mythic Edition
RuneQuest 4
The Witcher Roleplaying Game
Dune RPG
Swords of the Serpentine
Rivers of London
Fate Core
Feng Shui 2
Torg: Eternity
The Witcher Roleplaying Game
Warhammer 40,000 Wrath & Glory
John Carter of Mars
Rivers of London
Pathfinder for Savage Worlds
Fantasy AGE
Blue Rose AGE
The Expanse
Changeling: The Lost 2nd Edition
Brancalonia - The Spaghetti Fantasy RPG
Delta Green Roleplaying Game
Legend of the Five Rings 5th Edition
Things from the Flood
Fading Suns 4E
Werewolf: The Apocalypse 5th Edition
Shadows of the Demon Lord
Delta Green
Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea 2E
Numenera 2: Discovery & Destiny
Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000 AD
Cortex Prime
SLA Industries, 2nd Edition
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