Blizzard at Revel's End (IC)


Revel’s End
End of autumn
Weather: Freezing and wet. Sleet. Rough water and sea spray. Fog
Round 0

It wasn’t good to stand around in this cold, so when Valrin had positioned his sledge for the next load, he looked for one of the ice breakers so he could get some physical activity to keep himself warm. Suddenly the dock lurched.

Valrin splashed down into the icy water with his ice breaker, gasping as the cold drove the air from his lungs, his long black hair and beard frosting over.

Valrin kicked for the surface. Others had fallen in, and he looked around for them.

Valrin Thann Character Sheet
Prisoner 137
AC 15
HP 41/41
Rage: 3/3/LR, Reckless Attack, Frenzy

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As Jathlin steps through the bulkhead from the aft hold he feels the presence of Valkur and the return of his innate powers. As he steps into the main hold the water which once flowed around his feet recede leaving his feet dry for the first time on this journey. Jathlin begins to direct the other prisoners on hooking up the cargo netting to offload the ship. Having spent the better half of his life on the sea he felt the reverberation of something large hit the hull. He glanced back towards the aft hold and yelled more worried about the others than himself. He couldn't drown and the water won't hinder his movement. The others were not as lucky. He turns to those in the hold with him.

"You all need to get off the ship. I think something just breached the hull."

Without waiting Jathlin turns and moves back towards the aft hold. He needed to make sure the others make it out safely. He'd worry about the cold later.


GM: Encounter: Sahuagin Attack!

On the Dock

As the dock settled its movement and the ship began to slowly list to starboard, the sound of men gasping as they surfaced turned to cries as one said, "Ah! Something's got me!"

Another went back under before he could take a breath, but his thrashing was audible.

Through the frothing waves, Burton and Py'Cott could see dark shapes moving under those who had fallen in. Behind them, near the lift, Lex pointed to a giant crab that climbed out of the sea and began to move up the cliffside. On its back was a rider, carrying a trident - some kind of fish-man. The crab went up the cliffside and began to pass the lift as it slowly rose.


In the water, Doc Halfhand began to twist and shift as tentacles replaced limbs. He vaguely recalled seeing the gnome, Lex, pointing toward something in the water before he fell in, and he thought about swimming over there, but as his eyes shifted to bulbous octopus-eyes, he saw (and could feel) through the water that he was not alone. It wasn't just the others who had fallen in. Below him something very large moved slowly in the darkness, but closer by swam humanoid fish-men. He saw one pulling a soldier under, and one swam toward him, thrusting at him with a spear. (10 damage)


Valrin kept his icebreaker as he fell into the cold water. It was a shock, but he kept calm and kicked for the surface. But something had him by the leg, and he turned to see a webbed hand pulling him down and a gaping mouth full of two rows of tiny teeth tried to bite him as he struggled. (grab dc22, bite missed)

In the Hold

Jathlin began to shove the other prisoners and the guards toward the ladder as he made his way into the aft hold to inspect the damage. Between his genasi nature and his experience at sea, he took little notice of the water that rushed about his legs. Behind him, Captain Halehearty had picked himself up from his fall and peered through the hatch. Both men could tell by the size of the hole that the "Gray Seagull" was in dire straights. She could be saved, but it would be hard work and distractions would be unwelcome.

"Man the pumps!" yelled the halfling captain and then added, in vain, "Get me the bosun!"

GM: Encounter: Sahuagin Attack! End Round One (Surprise); Begin Round Two


Possibly a Idiot.
"We're under attack!" The revelation hit Py'Cott with almost as much impact as whatever blew a hole in the side of the ship. Training from his mercenary days made the warrior instinctively grab one of the dropped pikes. His preferred weapon was still locked up in the prison, but this would make a suitable substitute for now.

The battle called to the Half-Orc, a chance to finally shed some blood and get some steam out of his system, but something else had to come first. The crates on the docks held the supplies for the winter, and if these fish-men got to them now... Py'Cott groaned at the thought of having the stew watered down even more and clambered over to the nearest crate, looking for anything of value.

Still, seeing the crab climb up the cliff made Py'Cott keenly aware of just how vulnerable he was on the docks. A situation which he had unique ability to remedy. Out of his shadow rose his double, translucent crimson red, and armed with a copy of the pike he was holding: The Red Ghost that was his other namesake. With this trick, the warrior could be in two places at once, two 'bodies'-one mind.

The Ghost moved to the end of the dock, near the lift, and made the both of them ready for a sudden escape.

OOC: Picked up a pike.
Using a Bonus Action to Manifest Echo (AC 16, HP 1, immunity to all conditions, uses same saving throws as Py'Cott)
Also looting a crate if possible.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Burton (prisoner 287) wastes no time when he hears Py'Cott's warning. The huge crab is too far away, but there are people in the freezing water and they are under attack by, well, something.

The Waterdhavian noble-turned-prisoner rushes to the edge of the dock, seeing if he can help out anyone. Upon seeing the dark shapes in the water, however, he changes his mind and with a flick of his wrist Burton summons a fine long dagger into his waiting hand.

Somewhere in Waterdeep, someone must be very surprised when the Cragsmere family dagger that was used as downpayment for a long night of drinking and caroussing, suddenly disappears. Burton would've smiled at the thought if the circumstances were different.

Not waiting for whatever they are to emerge, Burton throws his dagger at a submerged foe before reaching out to help Valrin out of the water.

OOC: Does throwing a dagger at an enemy in the water mean rolling with Disadvantage?

Dagger: 2D20.LOW(1)+5 = [10, 18]+5 = 15
1D4+3 = [1]+3 = 4

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
At first, Doc Halfhand did not understand the pain in his thigh, or his webbing as it became as his bones disappeared. It was unexpected, but he had seen the attackers, and most of all the giant crab. His head narrowed as his tentacles undulated and sent him flying between the support piles of the dock underwater, away form the pain. Was that another stabbing he felt? He wasn't sure what was injury and what the loss of his backbone.

He stayed under the surface, and arose only when he was beside the Crab warrior. His tattooed tentacles thrashed but could not find purchase on the cancerous carapace..

OOC: Round 2.
Giant Octopus form. HP 11. HP: 42/52.

Move: to AF-AG 15-16. (even assuming he is slowed for squeezing under the dock, he has 60' of movement available). This leaves him open to an Attack of opportunity from AR 15.

Attack: 1d20+5=12 (reach = 15') which I think is a miss against a giant crab.


Revel’s End
End of autumn
Weather: Freezing and wet. Sleet. Rough water and sea spray. Fog
Round 1

Valrin glowered at the sahuagin that had grabbed his foot, then dragged him deeper into the water. Valerian managed to catch a breath before he was dragged down. He felt that cold, familiar fire in his chest, his ever-present companion that allowed him to do terrible, horrible things. He stabbed into the face of the creature pulling him under, using the ice pick as a spear.


Rage: +2 melee damage, resist B/P/S damage
Didn’t notice Doc Halfhand transform into a giant octopus.

Valrin Thann Character Sheet
Prisoner 137
AC 15
HP 41/41
Rage: 2/3/LR, Reckless Attack, Frenzy

As Jathlin steps through the door to the aft hold his magic fails him again. He looks at the captain.

"I can plug the hole but need my magic. Can you drop the antimagic field?"

OOC: I am going to wait for an answer then finish my turn. would it be possible for me to swim out the hole?

Steve Gorak

As Thorbin feels the fresh air fill his lungs, his blood boils with anger as the battle rage takes over. He swiftly moves to grab a weapon, picks up a pike next to the fire barrel, and stabs the attacking fish men with it. He then screams with satisfaction.

OOC: bonus action: rage
Move: to fire barrel
Item interaction: pick up pike
Attack: use reckless attack, -5/+10 from pole arm master: attack 17, damage 23

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