ZEITGEIST Book 3 question


Whose body is floating in the void beyond room 10 of the ziggurat? Can the characters learn anything from checking it, or for that matter any of the other bodies in that room (before they animate and start attacking)? At least in the 4E version, it feels like a lot of detail is missing. It gives the PCs lots of things to investigate and the GM very little guidance for what they can learn by doing so.

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The two bodies by the door were some of Xambria’s team, mangled by Gidim warbeasts. The bodies at the center of the room are the remains of the Obscurati group who opened the seal. Like the bodies outside the ziggurat, they have been disturbed and their possessions searched.

I'd presume the body is from one of the above two groups.

I'd presume the PCs can't learn much from the bodies as Finona Duvall's team have already picked through for clues.

Book 3 lists the whole sequence of events of the Ziggurat, but perhaps it puts less emphasis on how the PCs discern that sequence, and more that the PCs think 'wow this place is weird, we should get back to Meredith and discuss it with her.'


"Beyond the Seal.
If a character moves the false seal, he reveals a portal to nothing. Prior to the creation of the Axis Seal, the portal led to the plane of Apet, however now that the Axis Seal has closed off the planes, the portal leads to a void between the planes. There is no light, no matter, and no gravity in the void, though it has invisible edges and only is about 100 feet across.
A human body floats in the void. Its face was torn off by some Gidim beast, but it has not rotted at all. "

It probably alludes to the fact that whatever was in the void 'airlock' has not been affected by the stasis/time it has languished in there, and hence to Xambria... the human probably toppled that way after being glomped... (see page 2 : the summary on Pocket Dimensions.)

Probably if anyone asks how Sijhen and the warbeasts survived in the airlock so long, it's pretty much flavour with a hint

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