Boston Gameday Aug 22nd, 2009 (logistics and directions linked from 1st post)

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John Crichton

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I would take myself off on possible. It highly depends on the niceness of someone else providing a vehicle, and it looks like there all ready is a bunch of PULPINESS there, so I shall resend. Don't want to make promises that I can't keep/too much of a crowd.
Oops, missed this the first time around!

[imager][/imager]JC Productions Presents...

Sins of Our Fathers
a Pulp Action Adventure

You are a member of the Gabriel Holmes Company, an elite group of men and women from all walks of life. These rare individuals are called on to preserve all that is good in the world. Not restricted by the bureaucracy of government they are able to effectively take care of threats using whatever means they deem necessary. You are among the third generation of families recruited to the Company's cause.

Inspiration for the game: The Indiana Jones movies, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow plus countless pulp novels.

This game uses the Hollow Earth Expedition (HEX) Ubiquity rules system. No prior knowledge of the rules is needed to play. Just bring your imagination and sense of wonder to the table. And maybe a pencil.

There will be 6 slots for this game.

EDIT: I very much prefer to run in an afternoon/evening slot. :)

Are you going to be running this at other gamedays?



I know. Waiting on a title. :p
Sure no problem.

Pirate Cat, I'm more then happy to run but if no one has interest or there is no room, don't feel bad about giving my game the ax.

"True Heart Bear has a Birthday"

Once again it's time to celebrate the most awesome of Care bear's birth.
Has your pony remember a present?
Where did you leave your party hat?
Is that a pit filled with lava piranhas opening up under Licky Split?
How does Tooty Fruity hold his laser pistol and fire it at the same time?

MLP the RPG is a stand alone system. Bring nothing. True Heart Bear's magnificent presence will be all you need.
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I ran it once already at LIGD. Depending on how much fun is had this time will depend on if it gets run again. Like I only planned on running Ghostbusters a few times and it was run at least twice that much due to demand. So ... possibly! :)

I may have to ask nicely to get you to run it again, because I am gunning for some Batman M&M!


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You can add Nerfwright and Mr. Wright to the list. They mentioned they'd be able to make it on Saturday when they were down in DC last week. :)

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