Boston Gameday Aug 22nd, 2009 (logistics and directions linked from 1st post)


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Alas, I won't be attending. My wife and I are nested deeply in the "house-buying settlement" Ninth Level of Hell, which is completely wrecking our schedule and budget for the foreseeable future. :.-(

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John Crichton

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If the server gets wonky again, I can always set up a quick messageboard on my personal site for sign-ups. Personally, I like knowing ahead of time if I have enough players for the games I'm playing and running.

I guess we'll see how it goes come noon Monday. :)


Hey, all!
So, sadly, my friend Bruce can't make it. (Something to do with a "family vacation" that week...)

I'm still planning to attend though I may be T-ing it in, unless anyone is coming in from tha Waltham area? (I'm willing to chip in for gas.)

Regardless, looking forward to seeing everyone again, and getting some good gaming in! :)


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I finally got in!
I want to play the two PirateCat games (I only really like fantasy rpgs)
I am coming ot the gameday alone; my son did not want to take the long trip.
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