Boston Gameday Aug 22nd, 2009 (logistics and directions linked from 1st post)

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First Post
I just saw a post by Piratecat that he was going to be away from teh interwebs for a week or so, so I guess not.
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And we're back...

Indeed, Mr Wright and I are planning on attending! (Thanks to Cassander and Fraisala for bringing us back into the fold.)

I hope the board traffic allows for equitable sign-ups.

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Silver Moon

I hope the board traffic allows for equitable sign-ups.

Hey everyone! This is a Piratecat gameday! A sign-up thread is a "nice to have" not a "have to have". We've already established the date, place and have a dozen Gamemasters signed up with their games. In reality, we could all just show up and Kevin could marshall us out into the various games at game time, and we'd all still have a great time.


Yay! We're back!

I'm away for the weekend. Let's plan (servers allowing, sigh) to open up registration on Monday at noon EST, 3 days from now. (I want to give the server a chance to get a bit more stable, honestly.)

Also, instead of the previously mentioned games I'll be running a playtest of Skulduggery, Pelgrane's glorious new game. Highly recommended. Details forthcoming.

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