Brainstorming One-Shot WEG Star Wars: Spaceballs


I've been asked to run a game for a "May the Fourth" Star Wars Party. The host (who is relatively new to TTRPGs) commented "if only there was a Star Wars version of D&D..."
I snatched up a few different systems in my game room: Star Wars d20, Star Wars Saga, Fantasy Flight Star Wars, Starfinder, and of course WEG Star Wars.
We settled on WEG for simplicity. Also knowing that the game wouldn't be taken seriously, we discussed how running the game like an offshoot in the Mel Brook's Spaceballs universe would be a lot of fun.

So, if you're a fan of Spaceballs, what would you like to see in an RPG experience? How would you expand the world to not just retread the world and ground of the original film? (I'm thinking about parodying more recent Sci-Fi and the prequels/sequels of Star Wars.)

Another idea, from a mechanical standpoint, is thinking about how much I love the one-liners and quotes. I'm thinking about making cards that will give a benefit related to a quote. (It doesn't have to be perfectly balanced because it's just a one-shot.)
"I'm My Own Best Friend" - Give yourself an aid action (+1D to a roll)
"Even in the Future Nothing Works!" - A piece of technology doesn't work on the next turn.
"I Said Across Her Nose ... Not UP It!!!" - Apply a -1D penalty to an enemy's blaster roll.

Some of the pregen concepts...
Hands Duo - International Snuggler
Puke Starskipper - Pilot with Motion Sickness
Pew Pew Blanks - Gun-Gun Sniper
C3P-Colon - Proctologist Droid

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I think the one thing that from Star Wars that would work really well for a Spaceballs parody event would be everything that occurs on Endor. That whole Return of the Jedi ending is just running so close to the edge of self-parody itself-- teddy bears taking on a full military unit using nothing rocks and logs and ropes and such-- that it wouldn't take much to nudge things just ever-so-slightly and turn the entire third act of that film into a bunch of comedy sketches for roleplay and action in a Spaceballs RPG.

Even something as simple as the chase scene on "Speeder Bikes" by having all the PCs on actual bicycles trying to pedal and ride through a forest would be comedy in itself. Instead of teddy bear "Ewoks", the forest moon is filled with cute aaracocka "Seahawks". The party's mission is to go down to the surface and take out the "Shield generator"... which is nothing more than an Artificer on a tall platform casting the Shield spell over and over again out of a wand or something.

Best of luck with what you come up with!

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