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D&D 5E Call of the Netherdeep: marketing has begun, screenshots thread

Urriak Uruk

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Hello! just noticed that the D&D social media accounts have now begun to pivot away from Monsters of the Multiverse, and towards the Call of the Netherdeep (a Critical Role adventure published by WotC in collaboration with CR). The book releases on March 15, 2022.

Not much teased so far, but I thought I'd start this thread for folks to post updates as they come in.

The second image here appears to reference how the book has rules (or at least material) for rival NPC adventure parties.

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I'm really excited for this one. Far Realm + the deep ocean makes so much sense that I can't believe it hasn't been done before now.
I enjoy Critical Role, but the Far Realm and underwater adventures are two of my least favorite elements of D&D. But I do want to see how Matt Mercer writes an entire adventure for a generic group of characters.

For that to be the case this adventure would need to either take place after the currently-running Campaign 3 (which is set 7 years after the end of Campaign 2), or some kind of time travel shenanigans must have occurred.

Seeing as she's a Water Genasi instead of a Tiefling, I'm leaning towards her maybe being a half-sister of Jester's.


The thing that interests me the most about that statblock is the fact that it is stating "Tier 1" on there. Which probably means her, alongside her party, is going to have different statblocks representing stronger versions of the NPCs.
That's certainly my take on the "dynamic character building" thing:

"Take a dive into the new dynamic character building for Rival NPCs in Call of the Netherdeep. Watch as both the leader Ayo Jabe and her party change and adapt to every crucial moment in your campaign."

They'll have separate statblocks for each tier of play covered by the adventure at the very least.

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