Carnival Row Season 2 and an Odd Kickstarter (What's Up With This?)


I've been patiently waiting for season 2 of Carnival Row to come out for a long time now. Best guess at this point is January 2023 for a release date, and this is mostly based on the fact that Amazon has announced a tie-in graphic novel that is due to come out at that time. But I just found out that a Kickstarter is running to fund a hardback edition of the same book. I admit I don't read a lot of graphic novels, but it seems very strange to be Kickstarting a book that is already being published for a property that is produced by Amazon. (I backed it because I want to show support and because I thought some of the add-ons were fun.)

Is this normal? If not, what is it likely to mean? Is it to measure the amount of support for the show, as there are rumors it will end with season 2? If so, they're not publicizing it very well. But if it's just a side project for the publisher, why are they crowdfunding it themselves? Why isn't Amazon doing it? It just seems very mysterious to me, but I admit I don't venture much outside of the gaming space in Kickstarter.

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