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D&D 5E Cartomancer feat - OP at high levels

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I think I'd probably just errata it in my own game to 4th level spells or lower, or at least any level where you don't ever get more than 1 spell (I think that may be 6th level spells+?).


I cast invisibility
Is this way OP in play like it seems to be?
YES! LOL wow, what a mix up by WotC... the dreaded power creep continues to creep along.

Simply fix for Hidden Ace to include the (to a maximum of 5th level) clause. Still powerful for a feat, but less insane.


I dunno... a normal party would have probably two to three full casters in it (maybe even four), which means it has probably 6-12 spells of 7th-8th-9th level at their disposal. Is having one more in that range really breaking anything?

I've never played Tier 4 so I have no experience, but just my impulse response feels like adventures at that Tier are already so gonzo that there's little that can really overpower anything (this feat or anything else). Maybe I'm wrong. Has anyone actually seen this feat in action in a Tier 4 game and seen the encounter get broken by its use?

It is really concerning how terribly this is written. I'd expect such poor wording from the early parts of the edition, but at this point the writers should have already learned to avoid such pitfalls.

And yeah, if it allows you to cast a high level spell that you don't even need to know without using slot, it is obviously hella broken.

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