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CG's Dragon of Icespire Peak [IC]


Sythaeryn had been keeping up with Ulrik pretty well and now he was within range to use his magic, plucking a sprig of mistletoe from his armor, he called out to the Ulrik.

"Be strong friend, we're here to help!"

Then he whips out with his free hand as if cracking a whip, as he does so, a thick thorny vine flungs out from his hand towards the manticore, threatening to drag it closer to the rest of the party.

Sythaeryn's moved up every turn so far, there's no way he's 90' behind Ulrik.

Moving to get into range (if not already).
Thorn Whip(10 ft pull on hit.): 1d20+4 8 1d6 3

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"I don't understand how I can miss such a large creature," Bella laments as she tries yet again to blast the manticore and misses wildly. She slips forward 25 feet to another place to hide.

Eldritch Blast: 1d20+5 9 1d10 4 (unbelievable)

Charwoman Gene

Ulrik grabs onto the beast, preventing it from moving.

The savage monstrosity tears into the barbarian in retaliation, with a vicious bite to the shoulder and a claw swipe down the leg. Ulrik is in poor shape, (2/15 hp) but still holds on.

Sythaeryn is within 30 feet of the melee, Bella and Fitz about 60.



Fitz winced. That is more how he expected someone to be mauled by a manticore. He was no hero, but he felt responsible for convincing everyone to go adventuring with him, so he ran forward yelling, "Hang in there, mate, I'm comin' ta help ya!"

As he ran, he fired his bow again, now at closer range, and with the creature held, his arrow bit deep.


Steve Gorak

OOC: FYI, @Chairwoman Gene, I've been compulsively rolling the next round's shove checks on coyote code to get a sense of Ulrik's odds. Once everyone has acted, I'll roll the ''real'' roll. CG, I just wanted to give you a head's up, as to not be accused of cheating (note the timestamps, and as difficult as it is, I'll stop now ;-)

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